Written Testimonials

SuperGreen Solutions offers the opportunity to get into a business that can help customers reduce the environmental impact of their homes and businesses by “going green.” While many recognize the need to introduce a sustainable solution for energy needs, SuperGreen Solutions helps customers to act on this ideal. With little organized competition in the field as of yet, franchisees have the opportunity to get into a potentially lucrative and growing industry that is helping to create a better future.

With the help of SuperGreen Solutions and the backing of UFG, franchisees have a window of opportunity into the green business that would be difficult to find without the assistance of a franchisor.

Here are a few testimonials from satisfied franchisees that were excited to get into this groundbreaking new field:

“The thing that attracted me to SuperGreen Solutions was really the industry in and of itself. It combined two things that were important to me, technology and being in a pioneering industry. That’s what the green industry is and that’s what SuperGreen Solutions is. So, it was a compelling opportunity for me to combine two things that I’m passionate about.

I really wanted a business where I could pursue financial gains like anyone else and be able to support my family but I also wanted to do something fun. I said the next thing that I would do would be something that I’d be passionate about, something I could have fun with, and something that could make a difference. I think that SuperGreen really presents the opportunity to do those things.”

-Marvin A

“I think that SuperGreen Solutions is a lot different than the competition, especially in that we provide a complete solution.”

-Victor O

“In my regular company, which is Regency Park Development, which is a hedge fund, we invest in different projects around the country and we purposely invested in SuperGreen Atlanta because of UFG. The support they give with the operational end of it is very important. We focus on sales and provide them with input regarding marketing efforts and they’ve been very responsive to what our needs have been.”

-Lawton H

“UFG does a great job of supporting its franchisees. Primarily one of the big things for me is getting us access to vendors that we might never have access to. UFG is able to grease the skids and make those relationships happen, so that’s a really big benefit for us.”

-Bryan P