Why SuperGreen Solutions?

SuperGreen Solutions takes pride in being a one stop energy efficiency solution that is at the top of an industry poised to experience phenomenal growth. All over the world, builders, contractors, home and business owners are striving to improve energy efficiency. The “green” movement is only picking up speed, with many countries implementing building standards to ensure greater sustainability and to lessen the environmental impact of energy use. This is an exciting era for SuperGreen Solutions.

Financially Rewarding

SuperGreen Solutions is part of the United Franchise Group family of brands, providing mass purchasing power which enables SuperGreen Solutions franchisees to purchase products from brands that are the best in the industry at the best prices.

Many SuperGreen Solutions customers are looking to revamp buildings and dramatically improve energy efficiency, resulting in large invoices. These factors, along with the high demand for energy efficiency, make SuperGreen Solutions franchises potentially very financially rewarding.

Personally Fulfilling

Improving energy efficiency and finding more sustainable sources for energy generation is beneficial for the environment, can improve the quality of life for building inhabitants, and can have a positive impact on future generations. Becoming a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee means becoming an integral part of the green movement and really making a difference in the world. Working in an industry that is so important to the health of the planet and the people can be very personally fulfilling.

Backed by Strength

As a part of the United Franchise Group network, SuperGreen Solutions franchisees have the advantage of starting with a plan that was devised by leading experts in both the sustainable energy industry and the franchise industry. The business processes and provided resources have been carefully thought out and are geared towards helping franchisees realize the highest degree of success possible. In addition to receiving support from our home office experts, franchisees also have the advantage of being able to reach out to a large network of peers.

Extensive Training and Support

SuperGreen Solutions franchisees do not have to be experts in the sustainable energy industry, as extensive training and support are provided. SuperGreen Solutions franchisees learn about all aspects of operating a franchise, including promoting products, controlling supply and inventory, and managing major projects. SuperGreen Solutions franchisees also attend LEED certification training as part of the training program.

After training, a field representative will provide one-on-one assistance and support in the new location until the franchisee is comfortable and the store has established a presence and client base. As part of a franchise family, SuperGreen Solutions franchisees are never alone; there is always someone available to provide assistance when needed.