Turnkey Investment

As stated, the world’s premier sustainability advisor, with 80 locations in 20 countries; SuperGreen Solutions helps businesses lower costs and drive revenues through green initiatives. With our exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001 Sustainability Certification, proprietary software, and exclusive Green Compass Sustainability Award™, we offer a unique service; published by the United Nations; that helps clients improve revenues, financial performance, operational performance, public image, and employee engagement, while lowering costs, and creating competitive differentiation and a platform for market leadership and brand building.

Now is the perfect time to get into the green industry and it has never been easier to break into the market than by opening your own franchise with SuperGreen Solutions. SuperGreen Solutions will give you the training and expertise you need to begin making a difference for the people and environment in your local area. The venture can be extremely lucrative, but there are some financial requirements that you will have to have in place in order to get started. The overall investment varies depending on the location of your franchise and business fees in your city, but the franchise fee and royalty structure remain the same.

Franchise Fee

A franchise fee of $49,500 must be paid to the franchisor in order to obtain a SuperGreen Solutions franchise. This fee is your “buy in” to a winning franchise that will provide you with the tools that you need to begin providing sustainability solutions to customers in your area. You will also receive assistance with setting up systems and processes to run your new business in a way that will make financial success more likely.

Liquid Capital

In order to become a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee, you will need to show at least $50,000 in liquid capital over and above your franchise fee. Liquid capital is composed of assets that are easily convertible, such as bank accounts and other economic instruments. Long-term assets such as real estate are not considered to be liquid capital, as the amount of time to convert those assets to cash may vary. Liquid capital can be helpful when new franchise owners encounter unexpected issues, which can sometimes be critical to the survival of a new franchise.

Energy Efficiency Franchise Investment

SuperGreen Solutions anticipates that new franchise owners should expect to invest between $100,000 to $65,000 for the entire investment. The franchise fees and requirements are included in these figures, as well as training costs, equipment costs, business setup costs, and payroll. Franchisees may be able to finance a portion of these costs after paying the franchise fee and showing the required liquid capital.

Flexible Royalty Fees

SuperGreen Solutions wants franchisees to be successful, so royalty alternates are in place if certain minimums cannot be met. The standard royalty payment is 5% of gross revenues for the month, or $300 per month for the first 12 months of operation. Then, 5% of gross revenues or $500 per month for the next 12 months thereafter, then 5% of gross revenues for the month or $700 per month.

Marketing Fees

In order to assist the new franchise with becoming successful, franchisees are required to pay the greater of 1% of monthly gross revenues or $200 per month towards marketing. Dollars put towards marketing can help to increase local brand awareness and can pave the way for new customers to begin working with SuperGreen Solutions. Money put towards marketing often come back in the form of steady or increased business.