Success Stories


March Success Achievement

Our spotlight on success this month is Greg Ziino from Grapevine, TX. Greg had the opportunity to support his client with LED lights and placed an order for over $29,000 with Maxlite!

MaxLite confirmed, this was the largest one time order placed by a Super-Green Solutions Franchisee so far—GREAT JOB Greg!

Being in the right place at the right time and covering all of your bases can be the difference on getting an order or not.

Greg had reached out to MaxLite to ensure that his company was listed as a vendor on their website. It just so happened that not long after Greg was set up, the potential customer called and said they found him via the MaxLite website.

After a brief negotiation, the prospect was ready to place the order and Greg, after setting up his Credit Card processing, was able to fill the client’s order, and was paid in full.

Greg started in July of 2016.

Since that time, Greg has continued to network in the Grapevine area and has successfully implemented an email campaign that is generating leads on a steady basis. He has worked closely with his nephew in developing this program, with input from Matt Segall and the DAS team. He will keep us posted and share the results when all the bugs are worked out.

Congratulations once again Greg!


SGS Costa Rica Sees Success



Country Day School (CDS), established in 1963, is one of the top bilingual schools in Costa Rica. After decades of operating from sites not appropriate for a first-tier educational institution, CDS upgraded to its current facilities in July 2016. CDS is in San Rafael, Alajuela, where the climate is warm and humid. The facilities have very large windows for natural lighting, causing the classrooms to be hot. As part of their commitment to LEED certification, CDS sought an energy efficient way to reduce the high temperatures in their classrooms.

SuperGreen Solutions approached CDS and offered a program including 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige 40 as a solution. Ultimately, CDS hired SuperGreen Solutions to install 15,000 sq. ft. of the product.

“Through the excellent guidance of SuperGreen Solutions, we were able to assure proper comfort of students, teachers and employees while avoiding the use of air conditioning. This saves us relevant costs in energy, maintains the desired comfort within our learning spaces, helps us maintain our commitment for a better environment and protection of the planet, while reinforcing these values to our students,” said Mr. Patrick Brown, President of CDS.


“This is an excellent example of the problem-solving skills, delivered daily, from SuperGreen Solutions franchisees around our ‘becoming-greener-every-day’ world.  We are product agnostic and consultative in approach.  We are free from needing to sell a specific solution.  We review the problem and design the right solution…always tied to ROI.  We love our work, as we make things better every day,” says David Goodman, President, SuperGreen Solutions.