Success Stories


SGS West Palm Beach “Star Award” Achievement for Record Sales

Congratulations to Parker of West Palm Beach, Florida, for achieving the coveted Star Award for excellent sales in May!

As Parker finalized his projects with the Marco Island Hilton Hotel and The Carlisle at South Palm Beach Assisted Living, he continues to fill his pipeline with numerous contracts.

Among his current clients, Bessemer Trust enlisted Parker’s expertise in a tenant build-out in Stuart, FL. Also, Parker is assisting in a parking garage build-out in downtown WPB, connected to the prestigious Bristol, a luxurious condominium highrise on Flagler.
Another condominium project includes a condominium building located in West Palm’s hip warehouse district – an increasingly hot real estate market – just next door to the popular Grandview Public Market.

Additionally, Parker is working on a 7-story dorm project for a local university – blending cost-efficient, sustainable solutions with academia.

This month, Parker celebrates 2 years with SuperGreen Solutions, as he joined the team in July of 2016! He was open-

for-business immediately after training and has grown his business single-handedly. With countless hours of industry study and relationship-building, Parker contributes his current success to developed relationships and problem-solving tactics.



SGS Minneapolis and Bloomington Sees Success

Congratulations to Mark Minea, franchisee for both Minneapolis and Bloomington, MN, on securing his first advisory contract with the Lee & Associates real estate group!

Mark attended the SGS training from February 19 – March 2, 2018 and is scheduling his set up. In fact, he does not yet even have his business cards! But, when he returned home from training he was anxious to start implementing what he learned and on March 5, 2018 began calling organizations he knew. One of his calls was to Lee & Associates, which owns commercial buildings in the area. They have a single tenant building with a government tenant and signed Mark’s advisory contract on March 19, 2018.

Mark will immediately begin promoting the building owner’s decision to hire SuperGreen Solutions to help it become a sustainable business. This will benefit the building owner’s brand and will also start the process of qualifying the building owner for the Green Compass Sustainability Award, which Mark will oversee.

“Getting a building under contract is an important first step for the business. As I meet with future clients, I will be able to present a local owner who likes what we did for them,” says Mark. “It is our goal to give them great service during the entire process and receive a written recommendation from them. We will be able to show actual cost savings from the projects we implemented which will give us credibility in the marketplace.”

Once he completes the energy audit, Mark expects to do a financed lighting retrofit and some additional upgrades to the building/business over the coming months as he proceeds to sustainability certification.

Kim Harte will visit Mark in the coming weeks for his set up, including participating in presentations Mark has scheduled with additional prospects. “Mark’s enthusiasm for jump-starting his business is paying off,” says Kim. “I look forward to collaborating with him during his upcoming marketing setup, and to working with him on getting more signed agreements.”

“Mark was an active participant during his training and became more excited as the days passed and the potential of the advisory service became more apparent to him. He hit the ground running when he returned home and has many other prospects in play, besides this first one,” says David Goodman, president of SGS. “Mark’s clients will gain the cost savings, but will also gain from improved operational performance, improved employee morale, and from the ability to promote their sustainability status to their marketplace, creating good will for their brands!”


SGS Argentina Sees Success

Congratulations to Javier Santamaria (Argentina Master Franchisee) on securing his first large contract in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Colonia Express is a company that is in Javier’s business network. Before his SGS Marketing Set-up he had talked to the owner of Colonia Express about his SuperGreen business; the owner showed interest and wanted to hear more about the services he offered.

Colonia Express is a river passenger transport company, connecting the cities of Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Colonia del Sacramento (Uruguay). The company moves 2.2 million passengers per year, and has market share of 20%. They currently have 3 ferry boats and are building another two ships that will carry approximately 680 passengers and 84 cars per ferry boat. Each of their ships is valued at roughly US$35 million Javier came through the SGS training in August, 2017 and had his Marketing Set-up October 30, 2017. During the set-up week, Javier and Christian Maselli (UFG International Operations Advisor) conducted a sales presentation appointment with the owner of Colonia Express. During the presentation, Javier presented the owner with the Sustainability Services Agreement (SSA/contract). The business owner was intrigued and wanted to know more about how SuperGreen could help Colonia Express improve its bottom line results and reduce its energy costs.

Colonia Express was initially interested in operational cost reductions as this was the owners’ primary pain point. With gas and electricity costs rising in the region, companies are starting to see an impact to their financial bottom line as a result. Javier presented the benefits for both the cost and revenue sides of the business; achieved via our certification and the Green Compass Sustainability Award. He explained to the decision-maker how being recognized as a certified sustainable business (and promoting that message to all stakeholders) will positively impact revenues, expenses, business operations and he will become a sustainable business market leader. As a result, after an additional three conversations/meetings, Colonia Express made the decision to move forward with hiring Javier to be its Sustainability Advisor on 12/29/17, with the goal of pursuing the SGS certification and the Green Compass Sustainability Award.

“This type of business may not be the first that comes to mind as a prospect for SGS, but by talking to them about my business, I learned that the directors of Colonia Express know they have to shift and take action to operate a sustainable business. They feel they have no option because the consumers are interested in this ‘new green way of life’,” said Javier.

He also said, “Here is a funny tale: All the ships of the company are named “something express” (For Example: Buenos Aires Express, Atlantic Express, etc.) so I suggested them to name the new ship as “Green Express”, and everybody, including myself, start laughing. About 30 seconds later the owner of the company seemed to be thoughtful and finally said, ‘it´s not a bad name’!”


SGS Ecuador Sees Success

Congratulations to Nicolas Enrique Febres-Cordero Gallardo (Ecuador Master) and his General Manager, Augusto Jouvin, on securing their first large contract in Ecuador! Ecuadorian Salt and Chemical Products C.A. (Ecuasal), established in 1961, is the largest salt refining operation in Ecuador and produces +80% of the consumable salt in the country. The company produces over 120,000 metric tons of salt per year – over 20 tons every hour – from multiple locations in the country.

Augusto and Joaquin Tamariz (Sales department) attended the SGS training in August, 2017 and had their Marketing Set-up October 23, 2017. During the set-up week, Augusto and Christian Maselli (UFG International Operations Advisor) conducted a sales presentation appointment with the General Manager of Ecuasal. During the presentation, Augusto presented the Sustainability Services Agreement (SSA/contract). The General Manager was interested immediately. Two follow up conversations produced a signed contract in January 2018.

Ecuasal was initially interested in light fixtures, Aquaboy and HVAC work, but the promotional benefits of the sustainability certification were too great to pass up. The ability to show the country that its major salt producer is a certified sustainable business will produce tremendous long-term benefits for the company.

“During our initial meeting with Ecuasal it was evident that they recognized the unique value of our advisory service, and were eager to know more”, says Christian Maselli, International Operations Advisor. “Augusto did a great job adapting the model to their local market, and he is poised to make a tremendous impact utilizing the sustainability service provided by SGS”, says Christian Maselli, International Operations Advisor.

“This is a perfect client for the program”, says David Goodman, President of SGS. “They will gain the cost savings…. but will also gain from improved operational performance, improved employee morale, and the ability to promote their sustainability status to their marketplace, creating good will for their brand!”


SGS Arlington Sees Success!

Arlington County, Virginia, is tackling the challenges of homelessness and drug addiction with the rehabilitation of a 1965 structure that serves as both a substance abuse treatment facility and as a 50-bed homeless shelter that offers job training.

However, when the Arlington County Homeless Services Center opened in 2015, the building’s old, single-pane windows were no match for cold winter weather. Employees used plastic sheeting and space heaters for the first two winters of operation, but it was still extremely cold and drafty. The cost of installing new windows, over $1,000,000, was more that the County could afford. This is when SuperGreen Solutions® franchisee Bryan Pax stepped in with a solution.

SuperGreen Solutions (SGS), a supplier and installer of energy-efficient solutions, designs and installs a customized window insert which blocks drafts and increases energy efficiency without requiring full window replacement. For less than 20 percent of what new windows cost to install, Pax’s SGS operation in Ellicott City, Maryland designed and outfitted the center with more than 300 inserts. The acrylic inserts simply press into place, esthetically integrating into the existing window. The units can be easily removed if needed.

“With the inserts we designed, these old windows can now behave like double-paned windows,” said Pax. “A lot of residences and businesses in the area have found that these inserts are a great way to circumvent complete window replacement. That’s just what we do at SGS—we find solutions to help increase your home or business’ energy efficiency without breaking the bank.” Added Pax, “The work the Center is doing is important to our community, and we were glad we could help them and those they help.


SuperGreen Solutions® Touts International Sustainable Business Program

SuperGreen Solutions® (SGS), the rapidly growing, sustainability advisory business, announced the signing of master franchise licenses in Puerto Rico, Europe, the Caribbean, South America, and a six-country Middle Eastern group that includes Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. SuperGreen Solutions is poised as a unique business model in a marketplace that is surging with a desire for sustainable, energy-efficient solutions – and the world is taking notice.

The presence of SuperGreen Solutions in Saudi Arabia, ranked 80 out of 80 in the Global Green Economy Index (GGEI) 2016, signifies an important global breakthrough as nations from the top to

the bottom of the GGEI make concerted efforts to pursue sustainability and energy efficient solutions. SGS stands as the world leader in advising global businesses as they drive towards sustainability while increasing revenue as a result of these efforts.“Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries are among the top energy-consuming countries, per capita, worldwide, and are annually growing at a much higher rate than their Gross Domestic Product (GDP). To reduce this aggressive energy consumption, the Saudi government, through its Vision 2030 (roadmap for the kingdom’s development and economic objectives for next 15 years), is commissioning ambitious strategic reform programs to diversify the economy, reduce dependency on oil, and significantly improve the current poor level of energy efficiency,” said Khalid Al-Dawood, SuperGreen Solutions’ Master License Partner, Saudi Arabia.

“Through this partnership with SuperGreen Solutions, Energy Efficiency Era Company will establish the first dedicated one-stop Saudi green and energy efficiency solutions company, tailored to Saudi Arabia’s current and near-future energy efficiency improvement plans. This partnership is capitalizing on the size and attractiveness of this emerging market, and will be leveraging the expected incentives and large investments in this promising energy efficiency sector”, said Al-Dawood.

SGS is leading global businesses through a comprehensive sustainability certification program, which is followed by advising newly certified businesses in promoting and marketing their coveted sustainability status. The result for the client is significant – a) lower operating costs; b) increased operating performance and improved employee morale; c) competitive differentiation that results in improved revenues; and d) the status of becoming a market leader.

United Nations Publishes SuperGreen Solutions® Partnership Project to Globally Enable Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to Operate More Sustainably

SuperGreen Solutions® (SGS), the world’s leading provider of sustainability advisory services and renewable energy solutions for customers across the globe, is the exclusive administrator of the Green Compass™ Sustainability Award program. With initial support from universities such as Arizona State University, Palm Beach Atlantic University and University of Southern Indiana, SuperGreen Solutions is developing a sustainability project partnership to identify and remove the barriers preventing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from becoming certified sustainable businesses.

The United Nations has published the project on its site.

Effort-targeted regions include: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. The partnership also pursues involvement from state and city governments seeking improved sustainability for their communities; universities and businesses.

This partnership’s primary objective is to collaborate with other global entities to expand the principles of sustainable business practices to businesses classified as SMEs. In fact, sustainable business practices are being pursued by the largest and most profitable companies in the world – but are not yet being as aggressively implemented by the majority of the 99% of businesses classified as SMEs. This partnership presents an opportunity to dramatically grow sustainability.

“This project would pool resources from entities across the globe, answering the question ‘How do we define and eliminate barriers in order to accelerate global SME adoption of sustainability?’. We created this project without commercial intent to truly isolate and eliminate the roadblocks standing in the way of every business in the world pursuing sustainable business operations,” Michael Bernstein, operations manager of SuperGreen Solutions and creator of the published project, explains.

“We approach this project with the assumption that most SMEs spend more time driving revenues than lowering costs (their brand is not as established, their sales force not as experienced, their advertising not as robust, their costs not as large – as those of larger entities). We believe the SME tilt to revenue, in combination with lower overhead, impacts their concern for cost reduction. Not that they are disinterested in cost savings; just more sales and revenues minded. We believe SMEs can be ‘won over’ by presenting sustainability as a revenue-side benefit, not just a cost-side benefit. We believe this will help accelerate the advancement of sustainability to SMEs,” says David Goodman, president of SuperGreen Solutions.

SuperGreen Solutions® Launches Program to Help Small and Mid-size Companies Achieve ISO Sustainability Certification

SuperGreen Solutions® (SGS), the world’s leading provider of sustainability advisory services and renewable energy solutions, and exclusive administrator of the Green Compass Sustainability Award, has partnered with iCompli Sustainability, a division of BPA Worldwide, the world’s leading media audit firm, to develop a sustainability certification program to help small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) operate more sustainably. The SGS program is designed to help organizations address their environmental issues – and differentiate their business – by obtaining certification to the globally-recognized ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard.

“We are excited to bring the ISO 14001 certification to SMEs,” said David Goodman, president of SuperGreen Solutions. “Until now, ISO 14001 has been used primarily by large, multinational companies to manage environmental impacts. SGS saw the potential to bring this world-class standard to the small and medium sized business community and worked with iCompli to develop a certification program that fits the needs of our marketplace. As an integral part of the SGS Green Compass™ Sustainability Award service offering, it gives the SME an unbeatable combination of benefits on both the cost and revenue sides of their P&L.”

“Driving sustainability – and ISO certification– into the small and mid-size business community that make up 99% of the world’s businesses truly has the potential to accelerate change,” added Joe Rizzo, director of iCompli Sustainability Services. “Adopting ISO 14001 is a great way for companies to think about their stakeholders, identify their most pressing sustainability challenges and develop a plan to address those issues.”

iCompli Sustainability developed the customized certification toolkit for the SGS program and will perform independent certification of SME compliance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

The International Organization for Standardization, commonly referred to as ISO, is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded in 1947, the organization promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards. It has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard is one of the most commonly-used ISO standards around the world.

SGS Costa Rica Sees Success



Country Day School (CDS), established in 1963, is one of the top bilingual schools in Costa Rica. After decades of operating from sites not appropriate for a first-tier educational institution, CDS upgraded to its current facilities in July 2016. CDS is in San Rafael, Alajuela, where the climate is warm and humid. The facilities have very large windows for natural lighting, causing the classrooms to be hot. As part of their commitment to LEED certification, CDS sought an energy efficient way to reduce the high temperatures in their classrooms.

SuperGreen Solutions approached CDS and offered a program including 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige 40 as a solution. Ultimately, CDS hired SuperGreen Solutions to install 15,000 sq. ft. of the product.

“Through the excellent guidance of SuperGreen Solutions, we were able to assure proper comfort of students, teachers and employees while avoiding the use of air conditioning. This saves us relevant costs in energy, maintains the desired comfort within our learning spaces, helps us maintain our commitment for a better environment and protection of the planet, while reinforcing these values to our students,” said Mr. Patrick Brown, President of CDS.


“This is an excellent example of the problem-solving skills, delivered daily, from SuperGreen Solutions franchisees around our ‘becoming-greener-every-day’ world.  We are product agnostic and consultative in approach.  We are free from needing to sell a specific solution.  We review the problem and design the right solution…always tied to ROI.  We love our work, as we make things better every day,” says David Goodman, President, SuperGreen Solutions.