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Garry McDowall

Garry McDowall

Chief Operations Officer

As COO of SuperGreen Solutions, Garry leads the team through major company initiatives, including refocusing the business financial model and overhauling the operational systems.

It’s Garry’s belief that true SuperGreen success will be measured by the success of its franchisees. He brings a wealth of domestic and international franchising experience to support franchisees in their missions to build profitable businesses that leave a positive impact on the environment they inhabit.

In addition to his work at SuperGreen, Garry serves as the CEO of IMR Solutions, a business consulting firm based in Austin. This role keeps him attuned to the present trends and challenges facing cross-industry business owners, enabling him to further support SuperGreen franchisees.

When he’s not working, Garry enjoys reading, mentoring and developing others, and playing team sports. He has been married for 33 years, with four children and two granddaughters.

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