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Sustainability Audits and Beyond:

A Quick Look at Our Services

SuperGreen Solutions is a solar energy consulting company that helps businesses identify how they can “go green” in a way that works for them. We’re always identifying new in-demand services to add to our lineup, so our franchisees have a lot to offer their communities. Take a quick look at some of the key services that have made our brand a leader in the green energy space.

Our Services

Sustainability Audits

One of the first things SuperGreen Solutions franchisees do for new customers is to provide them with a sustainability audit. We review their current systems inside and out to identify areas that could be improved by switching to green technology. This provides a great starting point for selecting the services that are right for them. Along these lines, we also provide our customers with ongoing virtual audits that monitor their energy usage, helping them inform future decisions while providing our franchisees with recurring revenue.
Energy System Sustainability Audit
Solar Energy Consulting

Solar Energy Consulting

Switching to solar power is another favorite among our customers. Like LED lighting, solar power allows businesses to reduce their power bills while also cutting their dependency on non-renewable resources. Once we’ve assessed our clients’ properties, we’re able to provide them with customized recommendations for systems that would meet their needs.

Product Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

With utility bills rising every year, SuperGreen Solutions consultants will help businesses lower their bills through proprietary software solutions that target wasteful consumption patterns. These have become more and more popular as electric vehicles have become ubiquitous in just about every U.S. city. SuperGreen Solutions helps clients assess the impact these stations would have on their businesses, and facilitates installation.

LED Lighting

Switching businesses to LED lighting is one of the most popular services we have to offer, as the cost savings associated with LEDs are well-known. SuperGreen Solutions loves that LED lighting can help the environment while also lowering our clients’ energy bills.
LED street lighting

Our Services Are Always Evolving

The green technology industry moves quickly, and our adaptable business moves with it. While our franchisees focus on growing their businesses, they can count on our team to work behind the scenes to identify new lines of service and new technologies that could benefit their customers.

Our franchisees can even rely on the SuperGreen Solutions team to provide them with ongoing professional development to keep them up-to-date on the systems they work with. This lasting partnership helps ensure that our franchisees always stay ahead of our fast-paced industry.

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