So you’d like to own a unique, exclusive, sustainability franchise? Then today’s your lucky day! Why not invest in SuperGreen Solutions and own a SuperGreen franchise?

As a SuperGreen Solutions Advisor, you will maintain a long-term relationship with and become a strategic partner in your client’s journey to becoming a more sustainable, green business. With providing a menu of sustainable solutions, our SuperGreen Solutions franchisees are able to market themselves as an all-in-one solutions to helping businesses go green. As a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee, you would pave the way in your business community as offering a unique package of sustainable solutions, including energy-efficient products, innovative tools, and green certification.

You will deliver a distinctive combination of benefits to your clients, including:

    • Lower Operational Costs
    • Increased Operating Performance
    • Improved Employee Morale
    • Competitive Differentiation resulting in Increased Revenues
    • Market Leadership

No other organization in the world is offering this blend of services.

So what do we do?


Energy Use Analysis

We want to start the promotional effort for your client right away.

This is more than an energy audit. We complete a detailed assessment of the client’s entire business operation, not just the building; and analyze their current energy expenses and operational practices associated with sustainability.

Purchase and Installation of Green Products

You will be responsible for sourcing and coordinating the products for your client to become more efficient.

Energy Auditing

You will help manage the auditing of buildings, large and small, focusing on finding efficiency savings.

Lighting, Solar, Efficiency Solutions

We train you to work with small and medium sized businesses to perform and install renewable energy technologies and efficient solutions.

Project Management

You will help coordinate and manage projects from beginning to end, working with your established team of experts to bring businesses operational savings and certification.

Manage the Certification Process

You will help your client achieve the exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ certification

ISO 14001 Certified Company

Why Own a SuperGreen Solutions Franchise?

Why SuperGreen?

  • Unique service – No other entity in the world is offering this combination of services
  • Exclusively own the SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ Sustainability Certification
  • Program project published by the United Nations
  • Benefit client on both cost AND revenue sides – no one else does this
  • Track record of success with locations in the U.S. and around the world
  • Relationship-driven business
  • Long-term client relationship
  • Capitalize on the growing GREEN trend
  • World-class training through comprehensive classes, onsite set-up and on-going support
  • Proven marketing including online programs and grassroots, community outreach
  • Ranked “Best for Vets” advisory franchise
  • Low investment, Turnkey franchise
  • Smart investment in a break-through industry
  • Green franchise with a diverse focus
  • Complete solutions + virtual business model reduces ongoing costs

Why Wait?

Start taking the steps today to realize your entrepreneurial and GREEN dreams. Call us today to learn more about SuperGreen Solutions and the endless opportunities that await you! (561)-812-6068