Our Story


After about 14 years as a major player in the sustainable energy industry, the founder of SuperGreen Solutions decided to open the first U.S. SuperGreen Solutions location in North Palm Beach, Florida in 2011. The store quickly grew to achieve tremendous financial success. Ray Titus and the United Franchise Group began offering to entrepreneurs the opportunity to open franchise locations in June 2012. As of now, there are 40 SuperGreen Solutions locations in ten countries.

Meeting a Growing Need

Achieving energy independence from foreign countries has been a priority in the United States for many years, with President Eisenhower being the first to address the issue in the 1950s and President Obama being the most recent to address it. Over the last few years, there have been great strides made that are allowing more and more home and business owners to “go green.” In 2014, there was a 36 percent increase in solar panel installations over 2013 in the U.S., and the demand has only increased. The green movement is moving even faster in other countries.


Making Energy Efficiency Profitable

SuperGreen Solutions seeks to save businesses money on their energy bills and reduce damage to the environment in an affordable way that can lead to increased revenue streams. SuperGreen Solutions franchisees enjoy the benefits of mass purchasing power from a wide network of vendors, so the operating costs are kept low and the savings can be passed onto customers. SuperGreen Solutions staff is also trained to help customers understand what government incentives they are eligible for and how the costs of installations will be offset by savings over time.

SuperGreen Solutions Expert Reputation

SuperGreen Solutions is seen as a sustainable energy industry leader. As of yet, there is little competition in the field and there are few other companies in the industry that are as organized as SuperGreen Solutions. Few other companies can offer customers the advice and support that Super Green Solutions can.


LEED Green Associate

Included in the SuperGreen Solutions training program is the cost associated with taking the LEED® Green Associate Exam Prep course. LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, which is the most highly recognized green building rating system in the world.

We encourage our franchisees to pursue this credential by registering with the Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI) and sitting for the exam. LEED® Green Associates have a documented, up-to-date understanding of the most current green building principles and practices, and are committed to their professional future.