SuperGreen: Who Is Our Competition?

At SuperGreen Solutions, we position ourselves as a one-stop shop for energy efficient products. When a franchisee joins us, that franchisee then has access to 18 years of experience and a solid reputation in the energy efficiency space that spans three continents. SuperGreen Solutions is attractive because we focus on energy solutions from an environmentally responsible perspective.

We also offer competitive pricing within our space, along with a commitment to using products made in North America whenever possible. Clients count on our expertise in and experience with insulation, weatherization, and caulking; photo voltaic solar power; power and energy management systems; skylights and other lighting solutions; solar hot water and more. We are premier advisors, suppliers, and installers of energy efficient systems, both commercial and domestic, and we provide our clients with total solutions.

Who, then, is our competition? What other types of franchises operate within the same space? A few of them are listed below.

Solar Panel Franchises

A solar power franchise, or simply solar franchise, is responsible for installing solar panels within the commercial, industrial, and consumer sectors. While the solar marketplace has been growing rapidly and is poised for even more growth going forward, a solar panel franchise is limited to this one niche area, which may not be an ideal fit for many customers.

HVAC Franchises

An HVAC franchise is responsible for servicing and maintaining the systems involved in the commercial and residential cooling and heating industry. While HVAC systems are important, many HVAC franchises have not yet adopted environmentally-friendly practices, and there are other, often better solutions beyond HVAC that they simply cannot provide.

LED Franchises

LED franchises are lighting franchises that specialize in updating traditional lighting to environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art LED lighting. LED is admittedly the wave of the future, and any lighting franchise wishing to remain competitive needs to jump on board. LED is cheaper, brighter, and lasts longer than traditional lighting, but is really only a small part of the solution when looking at environmental responsibility.

SuperGreen Solutions is the only franchise that covers the spectrum when it comes to full energy efficiency and stewardship. If you have any questions about the greenest franchise available, contact SuperGreen Solutions today!