SuperGreen Solutions Franchise: Who Are Our Clients?

Know Your Franchise’s Clients to Maximize Profitability

A huge part of investing in a franchise is doing research. Before you make the big decision to invest, you want to know if your franchise will fit in your community, making your investment worth it.

SuperGreen’s green technology products work for any home or business owner that is looking to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint-, and use sustainable technology. The amazing thing about SuperGreen is our products will fit in any home or business.


Any homeowner who is concerned about energy consumption, fossil fuels, or even reducing their monthly heating and cooling costs can utilize SuperGreen’s products. Your SuperGreen franchise provides an essential service to these customers, one they can’t get many other places.

Homeowners use SuperGreen’s products on varying scales. Consumers who want to make a minor change can purchase the low watt light bulbs, while those who wish to really overhaul their homes can replace windows, add solar panels, or change water heating systems.

Home Builders and Developers

Homeowners are an essential customer in our business. On a larger scale, builders and developers can be valuable customers for your SuperGreen franchise. As green technology becomes more important to people, builders and developers have started putting energy efficient windows, lights, and heating and cooling solutions before the homeowner even moves in.

Business Owners

Just like homeowners want to decrease their heating and cooling bills, business owners are looking for ways to decrease their overhead costs. Additionally, consumers—especially millennials—are interested in patronizing businesses that use green practices and technology. Adopting sustainable habits is one way that businesses attract new, young customers.

Your SuperGreen franchise provides a wide variety of green technology and sustainable products that homeowners and business owners want. As the world tries to move away from fossil fuels, the SuperGreen Solutions franchise customer base will continue to grow.