If you’re a contractor ready to take your business to the next level, we have the perfect solution – and we’re looking for new franchisees to take advantage of it.

So what exactly is this new and exciting proposition?

We’re offering you an innovative revenue stream through a unique service offering. In essence, you’ll become a sustainability advisor for commercial and industrial buildings and guide your client to sustainability certification. As part of your service, you will determine need, design enhancements, procure products, and manage installation.

Ultimately, you take control of a commercial building or business before project decisions are made and the projects are put out to bid.

How This Interests Customers

Every business is constantly looking for ways to increase their revenue, decrease their operating costs, and bolster employee morale.

Through your guidance, you’re offering customers a complete sustainability program that delivers them all three.

Here’s a more detailed look at what that means for your clients:

  • Increased revenues – upwards of 20%
  • Increased price premiums – upwards of 20%
  • Increased productivity – upwards of 16%
  • Increased employee morale – upwards of 55%
  • Increased employee loyalty – upwards of 38%
  • Increased junior staff hiring potential – research says 90% of millennials are looking for companies that have sustainable differentiation
  • Increased senior staff hiring potential – research says 53% of professionals want to work for a company that makes a positive impact

Additionally, the new sustainable energy sources you provide will decrease operating costs for the client, which combined with the increased revenue they’ll see leads to an increased overall valuation of their company.

How It Works

Once you’ve signed on to become a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee, we’ll train you to do an energy audit on commercial and industrial buildings, which provides customers with two main things:

  • A complete recommendation of sustainable energy products needed to renovate their building, and an offer to sell and install everything for them.
  • An estimate of how much money they can save by renovating, and what the return on investment these new, green initiatives will give them.

Through our extensive training program and excellent resources, backed by the power and experience of United Franchise Group, we’ll teach you how to identify, recruit, and hire the talent you’ll need. This includes hiring account executives that generate leads and find customers to audit.

Once you’ve built a client base, you’ll be making money through multiple revenue streams. Mainly: through energy audits, selling new energy efficient products, and installation of those products.

How You Make an Impact

By franchising with SuperGreen Solutions and taking advantage of this service, you’re making a significant impact on your clients and the world around you.

It’s not just about lowering a client’s electric bills – our new program has a positive impact on the revenue side of their business as well. Because of that, our program is unique and highly attractive to prospective clients. We pay for our service by reducing costs, but gain client acceptance by helping them grow revenues.

For more information or to speak with a representative and take the next step toward your sustainable franchising future, fill out our form in the side column.