There's Green in Your Future

SuperGreen leads the way in commercial energy efficiency solutions. Get in early on this swiftly emerging market!

There's Green in
Your Future

SuperGreen leads the way in commercial energy efficiency solutions. Get in early on this swiftly emerging market!


There’s Green in Your Future!

SuperGreen Solutions (SGS) is the world’s premier sustainability advisor. As a franchisee, you will uniquely help clients on both the cost AND revenue sides of their balance sheets; you will exclusively offer the SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ sustainability certification and the Green products necessary to qualify for same; you will help your client achieve the exclusive Green Compass Sustainability Award™ which will help your client differentiate itself via promotion of its certification; you will benefit from your program being published by the United Nations; you will be a change agent for good.

As a SuperGreen Solutions Advisor, you will help your client differentiate from the competition via Green initiatives.  You will bring sustainability planning, execution, Green product installation, certification and promotion services to your community, one business at a time.

ISO 14001 is THE sustainability certification across the globe - over 350,000 certifications in 150 countries.

SuperGreen Solutions has created an exclusive certification process for the 99% of all businesses across the world that do not have internal sustainability staffs – YOU will provide this role!

According to industry research, companies that achieve and promote the ISO 14001 sustainability certification enjoy 

  • improved public image
  • improved competitive advantage
  • improved financial performance
  • ​enhanced product / operational performance
  • ​improved employee engagement
  • improved new customer attainment
  • improved legal compliance
  • improved new market penetration
  • improved emergency preparedness

“This is a unique program.  No other entity in the world is offering what SuperGreen Solutions offers its customers.  According to reported studies, businesses that have achieved sustainability certification can charge higher price premiums and generate higher sales,” said David Goodman, president of Super Green Solutions.  “These companies also have higher employee morale, higher employee loyalty, higher productivity, and less employee turnover.  But, the problem has always been that developing a sustainability program has historically been costly and time-consuming, thus reserved for large, publicly-traded firms.  Further, finding a world-wide certification program was simply impossible.  We’ve changed that; bringing sustainability planning AND certification to the small/medium sized business community,” said Goodman.   “The sustainability savings will more than pay for the program for the company.  The SGS franchisee helps the company become certified via the SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ program; then helps the company promote itself as distinctive from its competition, thus generating the previously mentioned revenue-side and operational benefits.  By helping clients on both the cost AND revenue sides of their businesses, the SuperGreen Solutions offering is unique, world-wide, within the sustainability world.

Foundational Beliefs

At SuperGreen Solutions, we believe…

  • A business cannot self-certify. A business cannot simply state that it is sustainable. To be acknowledged as sustainable, a business needs to have followed - and be certified by - a recognized process. Over 350,000 companies in +150 countries have become certified via the ISO 14001 sustainability program.
  • Sustainability is a 4-legged stool, not 3-legged. Everyone else in the sustainability world says sustainability is People, Planet and Profit. We add a fourth ‘P’ – Promotion. If you don’t talk about it, a) you don’t benefit from market acknowledgement and b) you are not ‘paying it forward’ and being a market leader for positive change.
  • The market rewards sustainability. According to Nielsen, 52% of consumers check a company’s environmental commitment before making a purchase. Per an ISO survey across 110 countries, 75% of certified companies enjoyed a competitive advantage due to their certification and promotion of same.

Become a Green Business Advisor

As a SuperGreen Solutions Advisor, you will maintain a long-term relationship with your clients, including developing and executing a plan that helps the client attain the exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ sustainability certification. Then, you will help the client receive the equally exclusive Green Compass™ Sustainability Award, which is attained after we successfully promote the client’s certification. Per a BAR study, on average, when the community recognizes that a company has become ISO 14001 certified, it enjoys an 11% improvement in EBITDA and a 24.6% higher Net Income than its competitors.

You will deliver a unique combination of benefits to your clients, including:

  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Increased Operating Performance
  • Improved Employee Morale
  • Competitive Differentiation resulting in Increased Revenues
  • Market Leadership

Value for Your Customers: A Sustainable Business is a Profitable Business

The previously mentioned Nielsen study highlights how important it has become for businesses to become certified as sustainable; and the BAR study shows the financial benefits that come, once that certification is promoted and recognized by the market. As a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee, you will be helping your clients use Green initiatives to differentiate themselves from their competitors, ultimately achieving higher revenues, via market recognition, while also enjoying lower costs.

Creating a Total Sustainable Solution Like No Other

The SuperGreen Solutions’ Green Compass™ Sustainability Award program will differentiate your client from its competition, giving them all of the above benefits of being a certified GREEN company.


Provide the Client with a Promotional Tool Kit

We want to start the promotional effort for your client right away.  This allows us to help them maximize the market recognition for deciding to GO GREEN!

Conduct a Sustainability Assessment

This is more than an energy audit. We complete a detailed assessment of the client’s entire business operation, not just the building; and analyze their current energy expenses and operational practices associated with sustainability.

Design the Green Compass Roadmap Enhancements Plan

The plan will detail the sustainable business items, inclusive of ROIs, to be addressed within their business, leading to cost reduction and positive financial impact.

Purchase and Installation of Green Products

You will be responsible for sourcing and coordinating the products for your client to become more efficient.

Manage the Certification Process

You will help your client achieve the exclusive SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ certification

Promotion of Certification

We uniquely help the client promote its journey to, and post, certification to the market, improving the client’s reputation and standing.  By doing so, we help the client pursue and achieve the exclusive Green Compass™ Sustainability Award.

Why SuperGreen?

  • Unique service – No other entity in the world is offering this combination of services
  • Exclusively own the SuperGreen Solutions ISO 14001™ Sustainability Certification
  • Exclusively own the Green Compass™ Sustainability Award
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    Exclusively own proprietary auditing software
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    Program project published by the United Nations
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    Benefit client on both cost AND revenue sides - no one else does this
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    Track record of success with locations in the U.S. and around the world
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    Relationship-driven business
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    Long term client relationship
  • Capitalize on the growing GREEN trend
  • World-class training through comprehensive classes, onsite set-up and on-going support
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    Proven marketing including online programs and grassroots, community outreach
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    Ranked “Best for Vets” advisory franchise
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    Turnkey franchise
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    Smart investment in a break-through industry
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    Green franchise with a diverse focus
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    Complete solutions + virtual business model reduces ongoing costs

Your Next Step

If you’ve dreamed of being your own boss and building a business that not only has a strong profit potential, but also allows you the satisfaction of helping others achieve and promote their sustainability, SuperGreen Solutions is the solution for you.

Find out more. Meet with a Regional Vice President in your area and get a personal look at this opportunity. Fill out the form to the right to get started as a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee. 

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