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About Our Clean Energy Investment

SuperGreen Solutions specializes in connecting businesses with renewable power and other resources that will help them to “go green.” Our franchisees act as advisors helping businesses select the right products and services for their needs. We get a lot of questions about this exciting investment opportunity. Review answers to some of the most frequent ones below.

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How Do SuperGreen Solutions Franchisees Earn Their Revenue?

SuperGreen Solutions franchisees are able to offer services that produce multiple revenue streams. One is by providing in-person audits where they tour a business and assess its current energy systems. They make recommendations for renewable power and other green technologies, and oversee the process of purchasing equipment and installing it. In this regard, they’re essentially green energy consultants.

Another revenue stream they enjoy is through virtual energy audits. Their customers are able to sign up for proprietary SuperGreen Solutions systems that allow them to monitor their energy usage in real time. This month-to-month service allows clients to evaluate meaningful data on their own and translates to ongoing revenue for franchisees.


What Types of Renewable Resources Does SuperGreen Solutions Deal In?

SuperGreen Solutions works with a wide range of manufacturers who produce green energy technology. Devices that collect solar thermal energy are favored among customers, but our franchisees also sell electric vehicle charging stations, wind power technologies, and many others. This allows our franchisees to design truly unique solutions for every client.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

Starting a SuperGreen Solutions franchise is less expensive than many other new business opportunities. The investment starts at around $39,500 and includes just about everything it takes to get your new business up and running. Why is it so affordable? Because SuperGreen Solutions franchisees can run most of their business virtually, they don’t need to invest in costly real estate or inventory. Our clean energy investment is a great option for anyone looking to start their own business in the green energy industry.

What Qualifications are Required?

SuperGreen Solutions works with franchisees from many different backgrounds, and we don’t require experience in the green energy field. Rather, we’re looking for franchisees who are:

  • Committed to mastering our business model
  • Dedicated to taking an active role in their business
  • Interested in learning about green technology
  • Financially well-qualified to make the investment

If any of those descriptors sound like you, you could be a good fit for our brand.

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Enjoy the Benefits of Partnering with a National Brand

SuperGreen Solutions has been in business since 2011 and has helped dozens of franchisees build careers in the green energy industry.


We’ve helped countless customers over the years and have built a strong reputation for being honest, reliable, and innovative. Our highly-respected name is a major benefit to franchisees.


We’re well-acquainted with the best brands and suppliers to work with. We connect our franchisees with third parties who can get them access to the wide range of cutting-edge technology clients want.


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