An Energy Management Franchise

By opening an energy management franchise, you’ll capitalize on selling products that increase energy efficiency.

Deciding to be your own boss and start a business is the easy part for most aspiring entrepreneurs. The difficulty lies in deciding what type of business to open and learning how to operate it. But that’s why we’ve provided this resource for you: the choice to invest in an energy management franchise like SuperGreen Solutions is an easy one to make, and we’re going to show you why.

Continue reading to learn about what energy management means, what the demand and growth of the industry looks like, and how SuperGreen Solutions fits the energy management profile.

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What Is Energy Management?

Energy management is the practice of planning and operating energy production and consumption. For businesses, the primary goal of energy management is cost reduction and savings, but of course the overarching theme in doing so for everyone involved is protecting the climate and conserving resources, while simultaneously ensuring that clients have permanent access to the resources they need.

So what does an energy management franchise do? For starters, we’ll perform an energy audit, which evaluates the energy efficiency of a business or commercial building’s resource consumption. Our primary responsibility is to be a consultant through the process of certifying as an energy efficient business. As part of that, we also sell green products and work with clients on installation.  

Energy Management Industry Outlook

Why invest in the energy management industry? In short, because it’s already a thriving industry that only will be bolstered by the influx of generational spending power that aging millennials – who love seeing businesses going green – will reach in just a few short years.

So what exactly does “thriving” look like? Here’s a look at some industry statistics.

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Energy Management Statistics

The solar power industry generated approximately $3 billion in revenue in 2016 per IBISWorld, while the solar power installation industry generated approximately $11 billion in revenue last year. And while those numbers alone are impressive, it’s their growth that really is astounding: the solar power industry grew, on average, a whopping 76 percent annually for each of the past five years. The solar power installation industry also grew exponentially, averaging nearly 16 percent annual growth in the same time period. The wind power industry is thriving similarly, generating $11 billion in revenue last year and growing, on average, by nearly 12 percent annually each of the past five years.

When contrasted with the general United States economy, which typically grows between two and three percent annually, this growth is truly remarkable.

It’s also sustainable. IBISWorld’s Market Research Report cites government support for renewable energy as a continued source of revenue, and “more states are expected to introduce or expand renewable energy targets.”

The industry has further been bolstered by tax breaks for going green, and while those tax deductions are currently in limbo, the seismic shift toward renewable energy products already has begun. Additionally, as equipment costs continue falling, the combination of trends suggest that the industry will become more and more viable in the next five years, further lowering its dependence on government support.

Do People Care About Energy Management?

In short, yes, energy management is very important to Americans.

In data from one poll compiled by US News, numbers showed that Americans “overwhelmingly” supported energy management. More research backs that up: Three-fourths of Americans want the United States to pursue more solar energy, per Gallup, and another 71 percent favor further development of wind power. A series of surveys conducted as part of the MIT Energy Initiative and the Harvard University Center on the Environment further supported those numbers. And as far back as 2012, nearly 90 percent of our friends across the pond wanted renewable energy.

Because Americans are so enthusiastic about energy management, there is a lot of incentive for businesses to convert. Even better, businesses are actually discovering energy efficiency investments provide a higher and faster return-on-investment.

But what about the next generation of consumers, the ever-growing millennials (who happen to beat out the Baby Boomers as the largest generation our country has ever seen)? They love energy management, and going green is very important to them.

Nielsen found that millennials are willing to spend more to patronize businesses that use sustainable energy. Nearly 75% of survey respondents said that sustainability is a priority when they are shopping.

Per, millennials are fueling the future with clean energy. CPI surveys indicate a strong demand pull from millennials as the emerging energy customer base with a strong desire to get off coal. They want their energy “to be powered by the sun and wind, not millennia-old carbon.”

In a Brookings case study highlighted by Provider Power, research showed that millennials valued preservation of the environment and experiences over material, unnecessary “things.”

A 2016 report from Forbes notes that energy providers need to start preparing for and targeting millennials now, despite many of them choosing to live at home longer than previous generations. The 80 million millennials in the United States already have about $600 billion of spending power, but in just a few short years – 2020 – the generation is expected to reach maturity and see its spending power more than double to over $1.4 trillion.

How SuperGreen Solutions Fits the Energy Management Profile

SuperGreen Solutions specializes in energy management products and services that provide simple solutions to certifying as sustainable, increasing energy efficiency and decreasing the energy bill.

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