Build a Business Around
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric car chargers are becoming more ubiquitous in today’s cities and suburbs as more people make the switch to electric vehicles. The industry is expected to be worth over $800 billion by 2027, and now is a great time to stake your claim by starting a business that specializes in electric car charging infrastructure. SuperGreen Solutions can help you to:

  • Build a green energy consulting business – even if you’re new to the industry
  • Leverage popular technologies like solar and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Keep up-to-date with current industry trends
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providing sustainable energy solutions

How Do SuperGreen Solutions Franchisees Sell Electric Car Chargers?

SuperGreen Solutions is a green energy consulting company. Our franchisees conduct in-person and virtual inspections of our clients’ infrastructure to make customized recommendations. You’ll assess clients’ properties to determine the optimal location for electric car chargers and which varieties are right for them. Once owners have made their decision, franchisees will facilitate the purchasing and installation processes through subcontractors.
SuperGreen Solutions franchisees are able to offer much more than electric vehicle charging stations: they can also facilitate the process of installing solar panels, LED lighting, and much more. As a result, franchisees become invaluable green energy consultants for the businesses in their communities as they work to achieve energy efficiency.

What Does It Take to Become a SuperGreen Solutions Franchisee?

You don’t need expertise in green energy in order to become our franchisee. Our services are a great complement to existing architecture or building inspection businesses, so if you currently run one of these, you could be a great fit for SuperGreen Solutions. Still, our franchisees don’t need experience in either of these areas – we work with candidates from just about every background.

The estimated initial investment in a SuperGreen Solutions franchise is just $39,500 – an extremely competitive cost of entry, compared to other franchises. That investment grants you access to just about everything it takes to start a green energy consulting business, including:

  • Training in our business model and how to provide services
  • Use of the SuperGreen Solutions brand name
  • Use of a wide range of support and advertising materials
  • Coaching and support throughout the life of your business
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Ours is a great investment for anyone who’s looking to break into the green energy industry, expand their existing business, or simply start a career with lots of built-in flexibility.

Contact us today to learn more about how SuperGreen Solutions franchisees capitalize on electric vehicle charging stations and other green technology!