To say that solar energy is renewable means that, like wind power, we’ll never run out of it. This also implies that solar energy is sustainable and harnessable by homeowners taking a closer look at solar energy systems and businesses looking to power their innovation.

Tax subsidies and homeowners’ ability to store up their energy and sell it back to utility companies are obvious financial incentives to invest in solar energy. In addition to powering businesses and meeting the electrical needs of entire homes, a process known as net metering allows homeowners to sell back their unused energy for usable credits.

It should be said, though, that solar isn’t the only renewable energy source receiving attention from investors or homeowners donning their entrepreneur’s cap. In addition to solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower, and biomass energy are all making a splash—and government investment is catalyzing the most promising renewables.

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An Energy Solutions Franchise Gives You More Options 

One of the biggest myths about renewable energy sources—and a constant source of fodder for those entrenched in the oil and gas industries—is to say that we need to get all of our energy from one source. This goes along with another myth that “experts” put out there claiming renewables can’t meet 100% of tomorrow’s electricity needs.

Fortunately—unless you’re in the oil and gas industry—renewables are safe, dependable, and diverse. And this diversity is at the heart of why people who say that we can’t meet all of our electricity needs from sustainable sources are mistaken. By bringing together solar, wind, and other renewable energies like geothermal, we can meet all of our needs.

Having that information in your pocket probably makes you want to find a comprehensive energy solutions franchise that draws upon every reliable, sustainable renewable energy source at our disposal today. And investors who do so would also be siding with a smart grid adept at delivering just the right energy solution at just the right time.

An All-Hands-on-Deck Approach 

Having a wide range of renewables at your disposal is important for meeting tomorrow’s energy needs, shoring up more energy sources for a smart grid to utilize and analyze, and providing people with more energy security here in the United States. You can only get there by choosing an energy solutions franchise that takes this big-picture view of renewable energy.

SuperGreen Solutions looks beyond one sustainable energy source to embrace multiple renewables. On top of that, you want an energy solutions franchise that maintains a hands-on approach to your customers’ lives and offers energy-efficient everyday solutions to their problems. LED lighting for homes and businesses, electric vehicle charging stations, and even personal air filtration systems are a few of the offerings that a comprehensive energy solutions franchise can bring to customers.

A renewable energy franchise that notices the details without ever losing sight of the big picture is definitely an asset. For instance, better insulation might not immediately strike most people as more energy efficient, but it is—the less energy that escapes, the less energy needs to be used.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that 48% of homeowners’ energy use goes into heating and cooling, so an energy solutions franchise that understands that and helps homeowners save more money (for example, through offering insulation and energy-efficient water heaters) can evolve with technology and satisfy customers in the process!

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