Renewable energy is definitely here to stay. In fact, just last year Electric Power Monthly found that renewable energy sources—like solar power coming from photovoltaic (PV) residential solar panels—make a huge contribution to the total domestic energy supply.

Solar isn’t the only renewable or more energy-efficient, cost-saving energy solution available for consumers and businesses, though.

Eco-friendly insulation, LED lighting, and energy-efficient water heaters are a few additional ways that SuperGreen Solutions green energy franchise empowers millions of homeowners and businesses to do right by the planet.

green energy

You’ll Harness the Power of Green Energy

As an investor in a green energy franchise, you’ll have the chance to bring the power of green energy to your customers. Green energy is both environmentally friendly and renewable, and includes: solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and (greenest of all!) algae.

·       Wind Power

Wind power alone contributes over 4% of the electrical needs of homeowners and businesses in the United States, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

That number is only going to increase. For this reason, as a franchisee with SuperGreen Solutions, you’ll work with businesses and homeowners to offer wind power solutions that can save your customers money and make them more energy independent.

Like residential solar panels, home wind turbines can often end up paying for themselves within a few years.

On top of those cost savings for your customers, you’ll be empowering homeowners to control their own energy needs and make environmentally conscious decisions. Smaller residential turbines could potentially halve your customers’ monthly utility bill… and that’s not hot air!

·       Solar Power

Huge, industrial-scale solar thermal power stations exist in the West—the biggest being Ivanpah Solar Power Facility near Las Vegas—and large photovoltaic power plants in California are helping to make America more energy independent.

As an investor in a green energy franchise, you’ll be able to pass on the same kind of technology to customers in the form of photovoltaic (PV) residential solar panels. And the great news is that economies of scale, streamlined manufacturing, and gradual improvements in PV solar technology have dramatically lowered the price of solar panels for homeowners over the last five years.

When it comes to residential solar panels, you can offer customers two types—crystalline silicon or thin-film semiconducting solar panels.

Both have advantages—the crystalline silicon is more efficient at converting sunlight into electricity, but thin-film semiconducting solar panels have lower manufacturing costs.

As you work with your customers, you can determine which price point would be better, how much energy they’re projected to consume, and how much excess energy they’re planning to sell back for credit.

Discover and Serve Your Customers’ Needs with a Green Energy Franchise

As a green energy franchise owner, you’ll also balance the size and cost of solar panel systems to fit their needs.

The average solar power system today is 5 kW, but you can offer 3, 5, 8, or even 10 kW solar power systems to your customers. The federal PACE program also makes it easier for customers to purchase these systems with no money down.

The same concept of tailoring a solution to your customers’ needs can also be used to find energy management products that suit their budgets and lifestyles.

EnerG2 is a SuperGreen Solutions’ product designed for the cooling needs of the hospitality industry, whereas indoor windows, eco-friendly insulation, and home energy automation appliances may work better for your residential customers.

As you step into the shoes of a green energy franchise owner, you’ll also find yourself offering water and air purification systems, water heaters, and even EV changing stations to customers who own electric vehicles. It’s all about linking your customers’ needs with a green solution!