Energy-saving franchises are experiencing a market uptick due to increasing demand, which is great news. Even better news is that renewable and efficient energy development is progressing by leaps and bounds. The future is now. There’s no better way to enter the exciting world of energy efficiency than by owning your own energy-saving franchise.

But what do energy-saving solutions franchises actually sell? SuperGreen Solutions provides everything you need to save energy in your home or business, from wind power to solar panels to water filtration and more.

energy-saving solutions franchises

The Sun Is Shining

Solar power is abundant: 173,000 terawatts of power from the sun hit the Earth every minute. It’s there for the taking. Green consumers prefer solar for its clean, perpetual energy and long-term money-saving potential. Not only do many power companies offer a monthly incentive to lower your power bill, there are also government rebates and tax incentives.

Solar power is more than just the PV cells that constitute its core. The photovoltaic cells used to convert solar rays into a useable electric source are only one part of the solar panel system. There is also a complex infrastructure of panels, rails, and levers used to house these cells. SuperGreen Solutions provides state-of-the-art solar power products and complete systems for both homes and businesses. Imagine the possibilities of free, clean, perpetual solar energy.

The Windy Cities

Feel that gentle breeze? Hear that blustery gale? No matter the strength, wind can be harnessed to provide clean, renewable energy to homes and businesses. The wind’s ability to move turbines both large and small can generate power for homes and businesses. Wind energy capture has increased over 30% in the last decade thanks to technological advances. This equates to lower water consumption and decreased carbon emissions. It also means big savings for homes and businesses. For example, a small residential system could cut household utility bills by up to 50%.

Think Outside the Bottle

Over 70% of our bodies and our planet are made up of water, yet little of it is in a drinkable form. The list of benefits of a water filtration system is extensive. For example, water processed at your region’s plant is likely treated using chlorine and other chemicals. This is to ensure adequate removal of bacteria and harmful waste.

Unfortunately, many such chemicals can be dangerous and can leak into our blood systems through our drinking water. A water filtration system delivers purified water to homes and businesses. In addition to their personal health benefits, water filtration systems can keep hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles out of landfills.

Feeling a Little Green

SuperGreen Solutions offers top-notch products and services for all of the above industry verticals. If you’re interested in opening your own franchise, you want to look for a tried and true option. You also want a franchise management system that helps you hit the ground running. Green energy is on the rise. Consumers want to save money while feeling responsible.

Do you want to be the person to give all this and more to your customers? Find out how you can open a SuperGreen Solutions franchise in your area by contacting us today!