You really can’t walk through a grocery store without getting a front row seat to the change in consciousness towards more natural products. People are searching for homegrown, sustainable, and organic wherever possible and the trend towards more eco-friendly franchise solutions, fortunately, doesn’t end in the produce aisle.

Eco-friendly Consumer Rewards Programs

Companies like EcoPlum have implemented consumer rewards programs in which your online purchase can be put towards a worthy environmental cause.

The rewards program works by, in essence, rewarding eco-friendly purchases on their website with chips that can be put towards one of two causes.

You can build up what are known as EcoChipz to either A) make more eco-friendly causes on the website or B) donate cash-transferable chips towards environmental causes and sustainability-centric foundations from around the world.

When you’re thinking about using a consumer rewards program like this, make sure that the company has third-party green certifications to back up their claims.

An eco-friendly franchise like SuperGreen Solutions is also a certified green partner and part of the U.S. Green Building Council.

At SuperGreen Solutions, you’ll receive training to become LEED certified so that you can help small businesses in your area discover eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for their buildings.

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Sustainable Construction Materials for Small Businesses

Everyone seems to be moving towards more sustainable construction materials. Companies like Axion are working hand-in-glove with cities and state governors from around the country to discover how their infrastructure can be spruced up or overhauled with more sustainable, green construction materials.

The trend towards green materials doesn’t end with tomorrow’s infrastructure. Small businesses and homeowners are lining up to try to shore up LEED certification for their buildings and achieve more energy efficiency.

Solar water heating systems are especially hot right now (pardon the pun) because solar water heaters can be used in any climate and remain versatile on those overcast days. Solar water heaters from SuperGreen Solutions come with a conventional water heater to pick up the slack.

For homeowners, the fact that solar water heaters have been shown to reduce their water heating bills by over 75% is a testament to how far solar power and energy-efficient solutions have come.

A Bright Idea: Energy-efficient Lighting Options

The top idea listed in Entrepreneur magazine for “10 Ways to Green Your Retail Store” is switching to energy-efficient lighting.

When you think about a brick-and-mortar retail location, two things become clear—they keep their lights on at least 8 hours per day and most could benefit from energy-efficient lights like LED and CFL lighting.

As an eco-friendly franchise, SuperGreen Solutions offers a huge array of LED lighting for retail stores. The advantages for small business owners are also too numerous to ignore: lower electric bills, lower maintenance and power consumption compared to incandescent, more illumination, and a lower heat coefficient.

SuperGreen Solutions offers both commercial and residential LED lighting so that small businesses can enjoy savings of potentially thousands of dollars a year on their lighting expenses.

In talking about the ways that LED and CFL lighting has revolutionized the industry, you should remind small business owners that LED lights are much better for recessed or under-cabinet lighting in their stores.

Why SuperGreen Solutions?

SuperGreen Solutions is an eco-friendly franchise that offers an impressive array of sustainable energy solutions and green appliances. Franchisees have found that working with SuperGreen Solutions is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling—it’s your chance to really make a difference.

SuperGreen Solutions offers training and ongoing support from United Franchise Group’s headquarters in West Palm Beach and the chance to become LEED certified and help small businesses thrive nationwide.

For more information about how you can join that SuperGreen Solutions franchise team, view our resource library and be sure to get in touch with a representative today!