A Quickly Expanding Franchise

In 2014, SuperGreen Solutions was ranked in the top 500 franchises, and currently has 48 stores in and outside of the United States. As green options become more mainstream, the public will be looking for easy ways to save money and keep up with the Joneses, environmentally speaking.

SuperGreen is already poised to be that solution. The following are several ways business owners can substantially benefit from investing in SuperGreen franchise options.

eco-friendly franchise

1. The Popularity of Eco-Friendliness

From a PR standpoint, eco-friendly franchise options are exceptionally popular. Consider these subjects: Climate Change, Alternative Energy, Fracking, Oil Drilling, GMOs, LCF (Low Carbon Footprint) and Sustainability. According to the polls, these issues are very important to Americans today, and according to Nielson.com, when millennials shop, sustainability is a big deal.

An eco-friendly franchise is more likely to resonate with the rising generation. Being properly in touch with millennials will be an essential component to success in the coming years.

Franchising with SuperGreen will mean you’re associated with the sustainable options millennials are seeking, which is good for business in a way that has nothing to do with the actual store’s operation. There’s collateral benefit all around in that respect.

2. Ready-to-Go Installation

Entrepreneur.com has a company profile for SuperGreen, and the numbers indicate how smooth installation has become. With 18 years’ experience in the energy efficiency industry, SuperGreen had a solid 14 years of successful business before they jumped into the franchising ring.

With 47 more stores than the original, each installation has given the company ample room to improve and consolidate the unveiling of a new franchise location. Competitive pricing helps keep this eco-friendly franchise current and attractive to clientele.

Furthermore, advice and consultation coupled with in-depth examination of the prospective franchise location help inform those who haven’t franchised with SuperGreen before. While the company is expanding in a way that normalizes operations, it is still at a place where assistance and relationships are fostered intimately.

SuperGreen considers new franchisees as partners in business, and treats them accordingly. As a result, the installation process is as quick and painless as humanly possible.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

It’s not just that SuperGreen is friendly to the environment. While that’s a big factor, even more engaging is the fact that most of their “green” solutions are actually technological marvels on the cutting edge as well. SuperGreen franchises offer:

  • Photovoltaic SolarPower
  • Insulation, Weatherization and Caulking
  • Management Systems for Power and Energy
  • Natural Lighting Solutions (skylights, etc.)
  • Solar Thermal (tankless gas pump system that’s hybrid in design)
  • Wind Power
  • Professional Installation of Products

The Normalization of Green Technology

Because current political trends recommend green energy solutions, quite a bit of time, money and resources have been devoted to the development of sustainable options. To that end, entire buildings are being constructed with the sole purpose of facilitating green operations.

Consider “The Edge Building,” a business complex in Amsterdam. This building has “smart” technology throughout. It’s got so many solar panels that it actually produces more energy than it consumes, though that’s not solely because of the solar panels.

Green techniques have modified this structure so much that it has a self-sustaining edge that can be likened to a ship at sea, or even the science fiction concept of an interstellar ship. The building is entirely self-sufficient, with automated robotic security, robotic vacuums, “smart” ventilation — the list goes on.

This building is also part of a trend that is international, and that could mean big contracts to green franchises like SuperGreen. Eco-Friendly, cutting-edge and ready-to-install, SuperGreen is a prime investment opportunity.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can get your foot in the door with a green energy investment opportunity like SuperGreen Solutions? Then contact us today!