Interested in opening a SuperGreen Solutions franchise but aren’t sure you’re qualified? The good news is that we don’t look for a particular skillset or background when we’re evaluating a franchisee. We’ve done the hard work of developing a strong business model, so our franchisees can easily learn and implement it. Still, there are a few qualities that we do value. Here, we’ll give you more information on what we look for in our franchisees. 

Passionate About Growing Their Business

Our franchisees should be serious about making the most of their investment in a SuperGreen Solutions franchise. We’ve gone a long way towards building a business model that’s simple to master, but franchisees who go above and beyond by taking the initiative to find new customers and build relationships with existing customers will likely see the best results. We’re looking for franchisees who will do things like:

  • Network within their community to find prospective customers
  • Get to know customers’ needs so they can recommend new products that they’d be interested in
  • Research the products and systems we offer so that they can provide expert guidance to customers
  • Provide excellent customer service and build lasting relationships

Interested in Learning About Green Technology

It’s true that SuperGreen Solutions franchisees don’t need to come to us with any background in the industry. And we expect that many of our franchisees came to us because we’re offering a business opportunity with great potential. Still, we want our franchisees to develop some knowledge of green technology once they get started. 

We’ll show you the basics during your initial training program, where we cover the important points of how to run your new business. We’ll continue to provide you with updated information on the products we sell throughout the life of your business. Still, having some interest in the technology and taking the initiative to learn even more is a great benefit to franchisees. That knowledge helps them to provide expert advice and recommend the best solutions to their customers. 

Financially Well-Qualified to Open a SuperGreen Solutions Franchise

We estimate that opening a new franchise will cost between $51,937-$82,417. If you’ve been researching other franchise opportunities, you’ve probably realized that this is a very modest initial investment. SuperGreen Solutions franchisees are free to work from their home offices and don’t need to invest in much inventory, so we’ve managed to keep the initial investment costs lean. We’re looking for franchisees who are able to manage this investment while still living comfortably. Of course, we welcome franchisees to seek financing to manage the cost – SBA loans are an especially popular choice. 

One of the best things about this estimate is that it includes just about everything you need to start your new business. There’s no need to wonder what you’ll need to open your doors because we’ve developed a comprehensive breakdown for you. 

If the qualities above remind you of yourself, you might just be a great fit for the SuperGreen Solutions Franchise opportunity. Contact us today for more information.