SuperGreen Solutions is a leader in bringing energy efficient concepts and products to homes and businesses. Through franchising, the SuperGreen brand has been spread all over the country and even internationally. We offer energy efficient products including insulation, water heaters, air purifiers, and LED lights. Learn more about our LED lighting franchise and the potential franchise opportunities that come with it as part of SuperGreen Solutions.

changing lightbulb

What Is LED Lighting?

SuperGreen Solutions explains that “unlike traditional fluorescent or metal halide lighting, LEDs (light emitting diodes) do not contain a filament that will burn out. The lack of a filament reduces the amount of wasted energy given off as heat. In a LED, instead of electricity traveling through a filament surrounded by a hazardous gas with energy being released as heat and light, it flows directly through a semiconductor and is almost entirely converted in light with minimal heat loss.” In addition, LEDs do not contain mercury like fluorescents do. This makes them safer for everyone, especially children.

SuperGreen has utilized these because they last longer and use 75% less energy than other light bulbs. They seem to be the perfect solution for energy efficiency in residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial settings.

But is the quality of light worse because it uses less energy? Quite the contrary. They are actually brighter, burn longer, and can be adjusted to acclimate different room types.

We only get our LEDs from trusted vendors to assure the best quality for its customers. LED lighting is a growing industry that SuperGreen Solutions has added to our long list of products and services, and we are eager to promote them in our franchises as well.

Are you still curious about how much LED lighting can really save a customer? Use our calculator to see how energy efficient they really are.

What Does Franchising for SuperGreen Solutions Entail?

A SuperGreen Solutions franchise is a turnkey investment that costs as little as $160,000 including the franchise fee, liquid capital, the net worth, and Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) certification. In addition, SuperGreen requires a two-week training program and ongoing support to make sure our franchisees are up-to-date with current energy trends as well as new products. For things such as LEDs, it is important to make sure you know the facts and figures of them to properly market.

An interesting feature for SuperGreen Solutions franchises is that they can either be home-based or retail, providing flexibility for franchisees. We work hard to accommodate franchisees to ensure they are able to help homes and businesses “go green” in the most comfortable setting for them.

Interested in learning more about LED lighting and potential franchise opportunities? Visit SuperGreen Solutions and read our guide.