For a long time, humans could only produce energy by burning nonrenewable resources like oil and coal, but huge technological advances have created a green energy revolution. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the growth potential green energy sources have to offer.

If you think you need millions of dollars in capital to get into this business, think again. By being part of a green energy business like SuperGreen Solutions, you can take advantage of huge potential growth opportunities for less than you might have imagined.

green energy business

What to Expect

As a green energy provider, it will be your responsibility to deliver quality green energy solutions to homes and businesses. We know you may have limited experience or expertise with these types of products, so that’s why, as a franchisee, you’ll have access to support and guidance from professionals who’ve been trained by organizations like the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. SuperGreen Solutions will share its 18 years of experience in the renewable energy industry with you.

Your Initial Investment

Like any other franchise, getting into the SuperGreen Solutions business requires an initial franchise fee. This investment is your way to gain access to a green energy business model that connects home and business owners with cost-effective and efficient green energy technologies. For a total investment of between $60,000 and $65,000, you’ll be able to start a home-based franchise and pay for projected real estate costs, inventory, payroll, training costs, and equipment costs.

As a franchisee, you’re also expected to meet a certain liquid capital requirement for financing some of these costs and dealing with unexpected events.

Ongoing Fees

As part of the SuperGreen Solutions green energy business, you’ll be expected to pay ongoing royalty fees for the continual support and guidance you get from the main company. While you should easily find sales from people eager to benefit from green energy, royalty fees for SuperGreen Solutions are on a flexible scale to help you deal with the nature of starting out in any business. You’ll also be expected to make monthly payments for marketing, but you can expect these payments to benefit your location directly in the form of new business.

Your Green Energy Business

The type of energy products you offer at your SuperGreen Solutions location will depend on the location’s climate, geography, and many other factors. The power of this franchising opportunity is the ability to adapt to changing markets at a reasonable cost. You’ll have access to a wide range of green energy solutions, including the following:

Insulation, Weatherization, and Caulking Products: Properties in hot or cold climates can reduce energy bills by reducing the heat transferred between interior and exterior.

Solar Hot Water: Getting hot water from solar power uses far less energy than natural gas or electric heaters.

Wind Power: Windy locations can get a lot of their power from turbines, and this power can account for as much as 50% of a home’s energy usage.

Solar Power: Solar panels get more efficient and affordable every year, and they can benefit homes and businesses in almost any part of the country.

EV Charge Stations: By providing charge stations, local businesses cater to electric vehicle owners.

Much More: There are too many exciting green energy products to mention here!

Whether you concentrate your green energy business in one area or sell all these products to a diverse group of customers, you’ll be able to run a business and benefit the community at a very reasonable initial cost. Contact SuperGreen solutions for more information.