With people around the world wondering how to prevent the coronavirus, there’s been a lot of speculation about businesses that do well in recession. This is an especially interesting subject for those who are considering starting a new business of their own. No one can predict how any business will perform, but there are a few qualities you can evaluate to make an educated decision. Here, we’ve broken down a few of those qualities to help you start your research. We think you’ll find that starting a clean energy business has great potential.

Offers New or Unique Products or Services

Businesses are likely to face tough competition during a recession, so it’s important to keep your repertoire of products and services from getting stale. Businesses that have something new to offer are likely to generate more interest from prospective customers. SuperGreen Solutions easily meets this criterium. 

We offer a wide range of renewable energy products and services that businesses need. Because we work with industry-leading brands and suppliers, we’re able to offer our customers the latest and greatest in proven green technology. When businesses decide to go green, they’re unlikely to find the same level of cutting-edge technology and personalized service that they’d find with SuperGreen Solutions.

A B2B Model with Strong Growth Trends

B2B (business to business) brands may have an edge over B2C (business to consumer) brands in recessions. That’s because B2B brands provide services to other businesses that they need to run smoothly. As you research businesses that do well in a recession, also look for industries that have a strong growth projection for the future. 

Renewable energy is predicted to have the fastest growth in the electricity sector through 2023 as more and more businesses switch to green technology. It’s a popular option because it can help save businesses money over time, and makes them eligible for tax credits: appealing prospects in a recession or booming economy. 

Starting a Clean Energy Business with SuperGreen Solutions

SuperGreen Solutions has a franchise opportunity with lots of potential. Our franchisees work with small to medium-sized businesses to help them integrate renewable energy into their systems. They evaluate businesses’ total energy consumption and use that information to develop customized solutions for every client. Our brand is steadily growing because businesses everywhere are looking for ways to go green and save money on their utilities. 

Best of all, there’s no need for our franchisees to come to SuperGreen Solutions with prior knowledge of green technology. When you start a clean energy business with us, we’ll provide you with comprehensive training – getting you up to speed on how to provide in-demand products and services. Since many of our franchisees opt to work from their home office and don’t need to invest in much inventory up-front, our startup costs are lower than many other franchise opportunities. All in all, we think you’ll be impressed by what we have to offer.

To learn more about what makes a recession-resistant business, contact us today.