Entrepreneurs, scientists, leaders and countries from around the world are scrambling right now to find innovative ways to harness renewable energy sources to power their appliances, homes and vehicles. All kinds of renewable energy sources are up for grabs (and highly sustainable), solar, hydro, geothermal and wind being the most promising.

A drop in oil prices, environmental destruction and dwindling oil supplies have caused more than a few entrepreneurs to take a hard look in the mirror and wonder where tomorrow’s energy will come from. Can renewables really power peoples’ lives?

The answer is yes, and since wind and solar are deemed the most readily available, affordable and effective of renewable energy sources, that’s a great place to start. The push for more solar energy was actually helped along by President Obama’s signing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

renewable energy sources

Getting in on the Clean Energy Revolution 

Millions of Americans have hopped aboard the clean energy revolution bandwagon. And fortunately, the United States has been at it for years, since as a country we produce more than 60 million tons of oil-equivalent thermal units from renewable energy sources, which accounts for more than a fifth of the world’s renewable energy.

Tax credits, coupled with enthusiastic development of renewable energy infrastructure around the country, have made solar an especially promising option for tomorrow’s energy. Harnessable solar radiation levels in the Southwest U.S. — especially in states like Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and even California — are “some of the best in the world,” according to the Department of Land Management.

While those states boast dozens of utility-scale solar energy projects, homeowners and business owners from those states and all around the country are also installing solar panels on their roofs, harnessing and converting the DC power with photovoltaic cells, and putting the power toward their own electricity needs, amassing renewable energy credits or selling it back to the utility company. There’s a huge opportunity there.

SuperGreen Solutions is Poised for Growth

SuperGreen Solutions’ franchise is in just the right place to seize that opportunity. SuperGreen Solutions’ one-stop shops cater to a host of renewable solutions — from appliances that help homeowners and businesses save on heating, cooling and insulation to energy-efficient LED lighting, water and air purifiers, and (indeed) solar and wind energy appliances.

By owning a SuperGreen Solutions store, you’re poised to make the most out of the growing trend toward renewable energies of all stripes.

Becoming Self-Sustaining with Solar Power

On the solar energy front, homeowners love solar because they can be more self-sustaining and sell back any surplus energy to utility companies for credit or profit. And who doesn’t like a supplementary source of income? Homeowners are taking to solar for another reason as well.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development found that the value of residences where solar panels have been installed went up around $20 for every $1 that home saved per month on their utility bills.

This basically means that if a homeowner can manage to save $40 on their utility bills from month to month, thanks to installing solar panels on their roof, then that family can expect their home value to increase by $800.

The best part is that homeowners are becoming more self-sufficient and energy conscious, all while increasing the value of their homes. Similar incentives apply for businesses looking to capitalize on tax credits by going green.

A Turnkey Investment

SuperGreen Solutions’ franchise opportunity is a turn-key investment poised to help you, homeowners and businesses make responsible choices and side with renewable energy. You’ll also enjoy an ease in marketing and economies of scale — SuperGreen is part of United Franchise Group — by joining our franchise.

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