The solar industry is booming right now, thanks to technological advances in solar panel technology and government subsidies like the solar investment tax credit. More and more Americans are also enthusiastically embracing the opportunity to become energy independent.

As a renewable and completely clean form of alternative energy, solar has done especially well over the last decade. The Solar Energy Industries Association reports that solar energy has experienced an incredible compound annual growth rate of more than 60 percent.

The rise in residential photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and industrial-scale concentrating solar power (CSP) have together played a huge role in making solar a viable and growing competitor to carbon fuels. And what’s making solar even more attractive is the fact that the cost to install residential solar panels has fallen by nearly two-thirds over the last decade.

solar plant

Incredible Business Opportunities in Solar Technology

Just to give you an idea of where the industry sits right now, consider these statistics: more than four gigawatts of usable power was shuttled to the grid in the third quarter of 2016 alone.

In fact, the third business quarter of 2016 was the largest ever quarter in solar history, and 2016 was the largest growth year for solar ever recorded. Solar panel business opportunities are likewise on the rise.

Advances in solar technology, government subsidies, and more jobs in solar than ever before have all synergistically contributed to solar becoming a real mover and shaker in the alternative energy market. This is really as good as it gets in business: Ideally, you want the manufacturing costs to be going down as enthusiasm for your particular market and jobs growth are going up.

That’s exactly what you have with solar. The cost of installing residential PV solar panels has gone down markedly, thanks to technological improvements, more focused research and development, and more jobs than ever in the solar energy sector.

Nearly a quarter-million Americans are now working in the solar industry—and that number could be as high as 360,000 Americans over the next four years.

SuperGreen Solutions Poised for Big Growth

This all makes for an incredible business opportunity, since you have costs going down and enthusiasm for solar panels and solar products going through the roof.

You also have the business sector and the government sector working hand-in-hand to ensure a thriving future for solar technology. The U.S. Department of Energy, the Solar Energy Industries Association, and the Solar Foundation are all partnering to drive down costs.

Because SuperGreen Solutions has franchise opportunities all around the country, you can start selling residential PV solar panels to customers in the very near future. Since manufacturing and supply chain costs have recently been going down, residential solar panels are more attractive than ever for customers, and you can easily pass those savings on to consumers.

Those same consumers can, in effect, become energy independent by powering their homes autonomously and selling excess energy back to the utility companies for credit.

Selling back surplus energy to the utility companies is something that your residential customers may already be doing—the process is known as net metering. As it happens, net metering can also help your future commercial customers reduce their utility expenses.

As a SuperGreen Solutions franchisee, you might find yourself partnering with Fortune 500 companies like Walmart and Apple that are harnessing solar power at a record clip. These big companies have installed solar panels at more than 2,000 industrial facilities across the country. People from coast to coast are going solar. To find out how you can as well, click here.