Entrepreneurs in any field are noted for their measured risk-taking and their innovative approaches to old problems. One of the most famous entrepreneurs of all time, Thomas Edison, said that necessity is the mother of invention: For your entrepreneurial solutions to succeed, they must address a real problem that many people face.

What are today’s necessities, and how can a solar energy business address them? The biggest challenge our country—and the rest of the world—faces is energy independence and the smooth transition to renewable forms of energy. Energy powers our lives on every level. A 21st-century economy wouldn’t be possible without reliable sources of energy.

The question is: Where should that energy come from? Ideally, as much as possible should come from renewable forms of energy like wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, and geothermal energy. All of these sources are renewable, and some are essentially infinite.

solar energy business opportunities

Renewable Energy Is an Entrepreneur’s Dream 

The Paris Climate Agreement that many UN nations, including the United States, reached took an all-hands-on-deck approach to curbing greenhouse gas emissions and halting the destructive effects of manmade climate change. The agreement had 194 signatories and was translated into a half-dozen languages.

To minimize carbon emissions and reduce the effects of climate change while maintaining economic production and quality of life, nations around the world must embrace renewable energy. Fortunately, developments in solar energy and other forms of renewable energy enable a smooth transition from nonrenewable, polluting energy sources (such as oil and gas) to renewable, clean sources of alternative energy like wind and solar.

Last year was another record for renewable sources of energy partly because dozens of governments from around the world, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and research institutions made the move to renewable forms of energy a priority. Renewable sources of energy, especially solar, are responsible for dozens of gigawatts in power capacity.

A Sunny Future

From concentrated solar power that harnesses solar thermal energy with the help of mirrors and lenses to solar photovoltaics that use semiconducting materials to convert sunlight into electricity, the future for solar is looking very sunny. The consumer cost of solar PV systems has become more affordable for millions of homeowners, and in sunny areas these already affordable systems will pay for themselves in five years or less.

The drop in price and constant need for more energy residentially and commercially means there’s a huge opportunity right now for entrepreneurs. Unlike a renewable energy source like biomass, the sun’s energy can be tapped virtually anywhere on the planet to provide energy that can make consumers entirely energy independent and allow them to sell excess energy back to the electrical grid.

Every day, the sun sends over 30,000 times more energy down to Earth than we produce or consume! Although Earth’s atmosphere reflects some of this energy back into space, there’s more than enough left over to meet the world’s energy needs. The United States already funds and operates many of the world’s largest solar photovoltaic projects. The resources are there, and so are the consumers. Are you in? Contact us today at SuperGreen Solutions for more information about solar energy business opportunities.