Going green has become more and more of a trend as people realize how smart it is to save energy. Not only does it better protect the environment, but it also saves money overall. Switching common everyday items to more eco-friendly items can go a long way with keeping money in your wallet and protecting the earth. So how can you save money by making the switch to eco-friendly energy solutions? Check out these smart tips to go green:



All home and business owners want their property to look nice, and a great way to do that starts with the flooring. But did you know that there are other, more eco-friendly floors to choose from rather than 100% natural wood? For example, today’s modern laminate floor options are made from recycled wood fiber and several eco-friendly options including bamboo, cork, stones, tiles, carpeting, and even sisal fiber area rugs.

These more modern trends are offered by brands such as Floor Coverings International, a mobile flooring franchise, which also offers greener options in traditional hardwoods. Their “Epic” option uses fifty percent less newly harvested wood than conventional flooring which is also sourced from domestic forests. This type of flooring also meets Greenguard indoor air quality requirements, making this a great option for flooring for both homes and businesses. When you can still get that nice, polished look for your floors while being more environmentally conscious, what better way than this?


One of the best ways to save both energy and money is to change to more eco-friendly light bulbs such as LED lightbulbs. Residential LEDs, especially Energy Star rated products, use at lease seventy-five percent less energy and lasts twenty-five times longer than incandescent lighting. It’s estimated that by 2027, widespread use of LED lighting can save us over $30 billion. That’s a lot of money in energy solutions savings!

Major electricity companies such as LED Source and GE are beginning to catch onto this trend and are going green. In fact, GE announced just recently that the company will stop selling traditional lightbulbs by the end of 2016. There’s no doubt that other companies will begin to catch on as well as more and more people decide to take that initiative and go green in their homes and businesses.

Shop Green

The trend of going green is going widespread to even retail companies such as SuperGreen Solutions. At SuperGreen Solutions, we offer eco-friendly and energy saving products as well as rebate advice, tax credit guidance, sales, installation, and after-sales service. This gives customers a wide selection of earth-friendly choices that are kinder to the environment as well as kinder to their wallets.

There are many ways to go green by making swaps and upgrades to improve efficiency and lower energy bills. To find out more about how you can get in on this green revolution by opening a SuperGreen franchise of your own, visit our website. A cleaner, brighter future can be one step closer with the eco-friendly energy solutions switch, and you could be the one to provide that to your customers!