Exploiting Burgeoning Opportunities

Been to the West Coast recently? Have you seen a portable solar panel? They’re usually about a foot square, you can buy them for less than 50 dollars, and they provide energy for all manner of electrical devices, bringing the office to the outdoors.

Bungee that panel to the top of a car, run it into a spare battery through the window, and a person can literally make an SUV an office; one more than sustainable for the day’s work, and entirely off-grid.

Then there are corporate opportunities for groups doing field research and the like. The opportunity for big contracts using a single supplier of sustainable energy solutions is wide open right now, as the market is new, and many have yet to establish a “cruising altitude,” as it were, in reference to such new technologies. Business opportunities in solar energy are huge right now, but the window won’t be open forever.

business opportunities in solar energy

The Value of Franchising

With any opportunity like this, people in the buying market are going to want things to be easy, straightforward and trustworthy. Sure, you can get any number of solar-energy devices on the Internet, but there’s no customer service, and often no protections that come in collateral.

Corporate buyers aren’t going to go in for such risky purchasing ventures; it’s a bad move. They’re going to want options they can trust, and will return purchases should products turn out to be untenable.

Smart Architecture

The Edge building in Amsterdam is so efficient it actually produces energy. Most of the structure is covered in solar panels, but here’s the thing: industry-standard warranties on panels only extend to the 25-year mark. Some will last 10, some will last 50.

That’s going to get better with time, but that essentially means establishing a good client relationship through a newly opened energy franchise offering solar energy is going to net continued repeat business.

That business won’t be sour, either. A panel that continuously produces energy for 25 years, as most of them do, will have saved enough money for the client to have actually made money almost regardless of the panel’s initial price. Business opportunities in solar energy aren’t just wide open, they’ve got legs right now.

The SuperGreen Solutions Plan

SuperGreen produces solar energy solutions and much more. A SuperGreen Solutions franchise store comes with:

  • 18 Years’ Experience in Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Franchise Locations on Three Continents
  • Competitively Priced Goods
  • Turnkey Franchise Design
  • Utilization of Asset-Conserving Technology in Store Operation
  • Trained Personnel
  • Consultation and Information to Franchisers and Clients
  • Extensive Product Range

Because business opportunities in solar energy are in expansion right now, getting involved with a business like SuperGreen Solutions makes a lot of sense. Smart Architecture isn’t just trending, it’s become law. That means sustainable, continuous clientele that will statistically return again and again to your franchise.

To find out how you can become a part of the smart renewable energy movement, contact us today and take the first step toward investing in a SuperGreen Solutions franchise!