In 2016, the “green wave” that has been rolling through the US economy has only picked up momentum and is affecting nearly every industry in noticeable ways.

Those with a genuine concern for the environment who wish to be involved in sustainability efforts no longer need to choose between “saving the planet” and starting a viable business. It is now 100% practical to be both an entrepreneur and an “eco-warrior.”

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Top Green Business Ideas

Almost every business can go green in one way or another, but following are some of the most noticeably green businesses of 2016 that also proved to be economically viable:

  1. Green Energy: By far the number one green enterprise is the energy sector. Hydro, wind, and solar are all making strides in the market, and consumers are finding it more practical than ever to make choices such as installing solar panels and using power providers with a high percentage of alternative energy sources. Rebates and tax incentives for using green energy abound—including installing more energy-efficient HVAC units, furnaces, and other equipment.
  2. Green Construction: Helping contractors construct new buildings to LEED specifications—which measure the energy impact of the construction process, the materials used, and the maintenance and usage costs of a building—is a new and growing industry. Business owners and their customers alike want to know that their facilities have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.
  3. Green Landscaping: One would suppose that all landscaping is already green, and in one sense this is true, but there are ways to make it even “greener.” Use of artificial turf, for example, reduces the watering need of lawns (making this seemingly un-green product actually “greener than grass”). Planting drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, and plants is another way to reduce water usage.
  4. Green Consulting: In this ever-greener economy, it is often very difficult to find the greenest solution that simultaneously saves you the most on your energy bill, maintenance costs, or other expenses. Eco-consultants do far more than merely help businesses implement recycling programs—they work to make every aspect of the business’ operations as green as possible while saving time and money.

Green Franchising

While a green start-up business is possible, an eco-friendly franchise has a much better track record of surviving and thriving in the modern economy. Franchises are turn-key solutions that give you maximum assistance in the start-up process and let you tap into an already established and loyal customer base.

One of the most impressive eco-friendly franchise groups you can get involved with is SuperGreen Solutions. SuperGreen Solutions has been ranked number one in the eco-friendly franchise category in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500. And there are good reasons for that. Among them:

  • Low start-up costs due to financing that can cover 70% of your initial costs.
  • Extensive training that eliminates the need for prior experience. You get two weeks of intensive on-site training and also a chance to earn your own LEED Certification.
  • Access to a B2B network and approach that encourages high invoice and return customers.
  • Multiple revenue streams across a wide range of green solutions, making income more reliable.
  • A hard-earned reputation as an industry leader in the U.S. and abroad.

Open an Eco-Friendly Franchise

Green industries are growing, and owning an eco-friendly franchise is one of the best ways to take advantage of this fact. With SuperGreen Solutions, you can help people save money, help improve the environment, and satisfy your own entrepreneurial spirit all at the same time.

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