It’s a great time to break into the sustainable energy industry. Lots of businesses are beginning to realize that “going green” can help them save money while also helping the environment – a win-win! We realize that entrepreneurs can choose from many ways of getting started in the industry, but SuperGreen Solutions can provide you with many competitive advantages that independent owners simply don’t enjoy. 

Experience in the Sustainable Energy Industry

We’re well-qualified to help you navigate the sustainable energy industry because we’ve been in it for years. We’ve spent that time learning about the latest developments in technology, developing industry connections, and transforming our knowledge into valuable resources for our franchisees. You don’t need to be an expert in the field to partner with SuperGreen Solutions – we teach you the fundamentals in your initial franchisee training, and we keep you up-to-date on industry trends through ongoing communication. Because franchisees can count on us to stay on top of changes in the sustainable energy industry, they can focus on growing their businesses. 

Exclusive Connections with Vendors 

As the sustainable energy industry grows, more and more manufacturers and vendors are getting into the business themselves. It can be difficult for independent owners to choose which products to offer and from which vendors to purchase. SuperGreen Solutions has already figured this out for our franchisees. We’ve developed strong relationships with key players in the industry so that franchisees can be sure they’re getting the equipment they need at a fair price. This is also great news for their customers, as we’re often able to offer them better solutions than our competition. 

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions

There are many businesses out there that seek to help businesses go green, but SuperGreen Solutions stands out because we don’t specialize in just one line of service, such as solar power. Our franchisees offer top-to-bottom inspections of clients’ properties and asses all systems that could be improved by using renewable energy. Then, we generate a customized, holistic solution that’s designed just for their property. Clients love that we take all of their systems into account rather just installing one-size-fits all technology that might only improve part of their energy use. 

We’re Backed by United Franchise Group

SuperGreen Solutions is a part of United Franchise Group (UFG), a powerhouse brand that represents a number of franchises. While we’re experts in the sustainable energy industry, they know just about everything there is to know about franchising. 

Their expertise allows us to offer franchisees comprehensive support in every stage of their business. We’re even able to offer business coaching, analyzing our franchisees’ performance and developing strategies to help them grow and stay competitive. Independent owners certainly don’t enjoy support like this without paying an arm and a leg, but this is just one of the ways UFG offers franchisee support that goes above and beyond.

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