Clients love that our SuperGreen Solutions solar power business franchise locations offer the renewable energy technologies they need. In particular, solar power is a popular option. In this entry, we’ll take a look at why our clients love solar technology, and how our franchisees are perfectly positioned to offer them the latest and greatest in these exciting products.

Prices are Dropping

The prices of solar panels are continuing to drop in 2018, making this technology more accessible than ever to our clients. In the past, businesses were interested in the potential of solar power to save them money on their electricity bills, but the high cost of panels and installation was a barrier to their ability to make the switch. In 2018, solar panels are becoming increasingly more affordable, making now a great time for businesses to invest in future energy savings. This also makes 2018 a great time for new franchisees to join our team in order to take advantage of this exciting boom in the industry!

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Solar Power is Infinite

Solar power is particularly popular with our clients because the sun shines every day. Even on cloudy days, solar panels are able to harness power, leading to valuable savings on electricity bills. Unlike other energy sources that are inconsistent, clients love that they can count on the power of the sun to provide stable power.

Valuable Tax Incentives Continue

Solar energy doesn’t just have the potential to save businesses money, it’s also great for the environment. The government encourages individuals and business owners alike to switch to solar power by offering a significant tax incentive to those who install solar systems. At SuperGreen Solutions, we’re experts when it comes to tax incentives, and we teach our franchisees everything they’ll need to know to help their clients get the best deal possible when they install their solar system.

Businesses Love to Save Money

Solar power is just one way that businesses can cut costs on their energy bills, at at SuperGreen Solutions, our franchisees are well-equipped to help our clients revamp their entire energy systems. Our franchisees act as business advisors, helping to give their clients total energy makeovers with the end goal of saving them money. The expertise of our franchisees is just one reason why businesses know they can save money when they work with a SuperGreen Solutions solar power business franchise.

To learn more about why clients love solar power, or to get more information on starting a solar power business franchise of your own, contact us today!