Remember when you were young and you heard about ways that you could positively impact the planet simply by taking a few energy-conservation steps every day?

No matter what age you were when you heard these messages, there’s a good chance that you were advised to turn off the lights when you left the room, turn off running water when it wasn’t in use, fill up the washing machine all the way, and keep on the lookout for drafty windows.

Younger readers were probably also told to make the switch from incandescent light bulbs to much more energy-efficient LED lighting.

The lifespan of an LED bulb is an incredible 80,000 hours, and LED bulbs use three-fourths less energy than their incandescent counterparts. The underlying reasons that LED bulbs outperform the competition, though, has everything to do with renewable energy.

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Renewable Energy: The Next Big Thing

Time and money are two resources that most people would consider finite—unless you’re a physicist or Warren Buffett. For the rest of us, however, these things need to be conserved, or else you’re left with regret and not enough of either. That’s no good.

It used to be that the energy powering growth around the world—especially in transportation and commerce—was considered finite as well.

That’s certainly true for non-renewable energy sources like coal, oil, and natural gas, which underlines the importance of scouring for renewable, alternative sources of energy before those precious last drops run out.

As it happens, this all relates to the lightbulb. The reason that you were told early on to conserve energy and perhaps switch to LED bulbs was that, number one, they are more energy efficient but, number two, they’re also part of a new wave of alternative energy sources that include wind, solar, biomass, and tidal energy.

It’s a profound shift from business as usual, and that LED lightbulb is, in fact, increasingly being powered by solar-powered electrical plants utilizing concentrated solar power units. Let’s face it: The world is always going to need energy, and the world is always going to crave growth.

Make a Feel-good, Economically Sound Investment

SuperGreen Solutions is leading the charge in commercial and residential energy-efficiency solutions. The aim? To get in on the ground floor of this seismic shift vis-a-vis the ways businesses and everyday people use energy.

As part of the United Franchise Group and holder of best-in-class honors according to Entrepreneur‘s ranking of energy-efficiency franchises, SuperGreen Solutions is all about making a real difference in peoples’ lives…and the life of the planet. SuperGreen Solutions is ranked #143 according to Entrepreneur‘s Franchise 500 ranking.

SuperGreen Solutions offers investors a proven B2B business model with multiple, in-demand revenue streams designed for the 21st century. Heating and cooling, solar panels, LED lighting, residential water filtration systems, and truly cutting-edge electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are all part of the energy efficiency franchise picture.

Customers are clamoring for more intelligent, energy-efficient solutions to bring down their utility bills, and businesses feel even more pressure to lower their expenditures and increase their profit margins.

Fortunately, this is all coinciding with a literally record-setting pace in terms of global investment in renewable energy. Data from the United Nations Environment Program tells us that global investments in renewable energy totaled nearly $300 billion in 2015—easily overtaking the previous record-shattering investment number from 2011.

In addition to financing of up to 70%, SuperGreen Solutions offers training and support, and the benefit of two weeks of onsite training so you can pioneer your own energy-efficiency franchise and help save the planet! Ready to learn more? Then visit our website today!