Investing in energy and its many related sectors and companies has long been a savvy business move. Centuries ago, the industry was coal and later crude oil, but now is the time for clean energy solutions like solar, wind, and geothermal. That’s because homeowners, business owners, and government leaders are increasingly seeking out alternative energy solutions. Wondering what’s behind the popularity surge? Check out these four reasons why individuals and businesses are pursuing green solutions and why you should get in on the clean energy business now:

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1. It’s where (private) money is going.  

Less than a year following the end of the Great Recession, the clean energy industry drew an impressive $35 billion of venture capital for clean energy startups. By 2016, the amount of new clean energy investments grew to $287.5 billion. As a SuperGreen franchisee, you get to tap into this booming sector and enjoy all of the recent tech advancements and interest pouring into clean energy.

2. Current policies make clean energy affordable.  

Federal and state lawmakers are enacting enticing policies designed to accelerate clean energy gains, add thousands of new jobs, and decrease overall energy usage. For example, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is designed to support the deployment of solar energy across the country. You can easily search for local green energy incentive programs using this Energy.Gov platform. As a SuperGreen franchisee, you can help get your clients in on clean energy business by outlining the great rebates and other incentive programs available to them.

3. Green solutions create less waste.  

Going green improves the overall efficiency of both homes and businesses. For businesses, reducing waste tightens up operating costs. As a SuperGreen franchisee, you offer businesses valuable, money-saving advice on how they can reduce their waste output and invest in more efficient solutions. These include cutting down on printing projects and refilling ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones and upgrading to LED lighting options and energy-efficient office equipment and appliances.

For businesses interested in going a step forward, we offer clean energy generation products like solar panels, as well as products to promote renewable transportation for employees like NovaCharge stations. All of these solutions are designed to put limits on limited resources to encourage less business waste and greater, more efficient clean energy business.

4. Renewable energy products increase property values.  

Businesses seeking to integrate renewable energy products like solar panels will not only enjoy more efficient operations, but also benefit from increased real estate values. Whether your client is a residential homeowner or a commercial property owner, solar is a sound property investment. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, for every $1 a solar panel generates annually, it increases the property value by $20. Furthermore, properties with solar panels sold 20% faster than those without.

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