Right now, world leaders and energy experts are scrambling for alternative energy solutions to power our economy, homes and lives more efficiently. The hunt’s going well, since you can find energy-efficient LED lightbulbs in most department stores and more Americans are taking to solar and wind power to manage the cost of their utility expenses.

Energy-efficient home thermostats and installable solar panels for your home or work space are also energy solutions that we’re going to hear more about in the years to come. What’s more, a lot of these products actually cost less to operate and are more “green,” or environmentally conscious, choices we should all be making.

going green

Going Green … and Making Some Green 

Making smart energy decisions — personally, professionally and even societally — will truly be the defining issue of our times.

With the Environmental Protection Agency doing its part to compel businesses to make greener decisions and the global renewable energy franchise market representing a $615 billion industry, now’s definitely the time to invest in solar, wind, photovoltaics and more energy-efficient products.

Below are a few more reasons to consider becoming a renewable energy franchisee.

Reason #1: The Renewable Energy Franchise Industry is Booming!

The revenue from building efficiency products and related services has actually increased more than 40 percent over the last four years, and that growth is anticipated to continue far into the future. The renewables sector is booming because it’s sustainable, environmentally responsible and personally fulfilling.

Getting involved with a renewable energy franchise makes sense because you’re investing in a very established industry and there’s increasing demand for these products and services. The global solar power market, for instance, is anticipated to stand at $137 billion by itself in 2020.

Reason #2: Renewable Energy Saves People a Ton of Money

study from Stanford actually found that shifting to renewable energy in the form of wind, solar and water — all of which SuperGreen Solution’s franchise specializes in — would reduce world power demand by a whopping 30 percent.

And did you know that regular gasoline cars waste 80 percent of their energy as heat, whereas electric reverses those numbers and retains 80 percent of the energy that you put in and only wastes 20 percent? That’s incredible … and it will also end up saving you and millions of consumers thousands of dollars every year. Renewables are a sector here for the long haul.

Reason #3: SuperGreen Caters to Businesses, Contractors and Consumers

People are always looking to save money, and SuperGreen is a franchise that knows how to pass on those savings from renewables on to consumers.

SuperGreen’s been called the “one-stop energy efficient solutions shop” because SuperGreen employees work with such an eclectic range of professionals in nearly every aspect of this evolving renewable energy sector.

Moreover, SuperGreen’s purchasing clout as members of international buying groups (e.g., Green Power Solutions) means that franchisees can purchase gold-standard brands at the lowest prices. That’s good for franchisees, consumers and the environment.

Reason #4: Join the United Franchise Group Network and Receive Training

Just like teaming up with international buying groups gives franchisees the benefits of economies of scale and vast purchasing power, so too does SuperGreen’s membership in the United Franchise Group benefit its franchisees.

Teaming up with the United Franchise Group means that you’ll have renewable energy experts and professionals with decades of franchising experience in your corner and ready to assist.

On top of that, franchisees can also take advantage of state-of-the-art showrooms, a staggering renewables product lineup, and training and support that doesn’t require franchisees to come to the renewables industry with any prior background in green solutions. Download your brochure here to learn more about investing in the green industry and becoming a part of SuperGreen.