It’s easy for just about anyone to be overwhelmed with the influx of “go green” messages—but that’s doubly true for business owners. Implementing and integrating green energy business opportunities is rarely a quick and easy fix, particularly for those companies with multiple locations overseeing dozens, if not hundreds, of employees.

But in today’s landscape, going green is no longer just a mere fashion statement. In a world where rising sea levels from climate change are already requiring $400-million-dollar rescue plans for Florida cities, going green is essential. Consumers are consistently demanding that businesses go green. Plus, reducing your carbon footprint with green energy business opportunities frequently makes operations more efficient and, ultimately, more cost-effective. It’s the right decision financially, environmentally, and socially.

green energy business opportunities

Ready to get started? Check out these four go-green energy business opportunities and solutions you can (and should) take part in:

1. Paper to Digital

Did you know that paper makes up as much as 35% of America’s waste stream, despite being an exceptionally easy material to re-use and recycle? Reduce your paper trail by going digital. Less paper means not just fewer cut-down trees, but also a reduction in the oil and processing resources it takes for a tree to become paper and get transported to your office.

Additionally, paperless offices frequently report improved productivity as electronic contracts, documents, and other reports can be much more efficiently sent, read, signed, and filed digitally thanks to cloud technology and e-signature software.

2. Rethink Electricity Usage

One of the most effective ways to simultaneously save money and reduce your business’s carbon footprint is to be more careful with the electricity. When you need to add or upgrade office equipment and appliances, look for more energy-efficient models such as those with Energy Star certification. Energy Star is a trusted, government-backed labeling program that identifies those products (including computers, printers, refrigerators, copiers, etc.) proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Consider also upgrading your lights to LED light bulbs and completely turning off all lights, computers, and other devices when not in use.

3. Recycle E-Waste

When you do upgrade your company’s electronic devices, don’t just throw the old units in the trash. E-waste is the fastest growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream, yet every piece of e-waste contains valuable and recoverable materials like copper and aluminum.

So before you ditch your outdated electronics, check with local tech stores and organizations, most of which hold regular e-waste collection drives to breathe new life into old items. You can also take them to special recyclers who will more effectively break down and recycle electronic equipment.

4. Tap Into Renewable

While it would be ideal for businesses to install their own solar panels for closed circuit energy generation and usage, sometimes that’s not possible. Some businesses might find that there aren’t enough choices in their area (which make solar and wind great green energy business opportunities).

If you can’t have private panels or turbines installed, talk to your local utility company about purchasing solar or wind energy through them. If they are at capacity or don’t have enough renewable options available for you, then it’s time to lobby for change. As a business, you will have a louder voice than the independent consumer and thus can make a stronger, more insightful statement by pushing for renewable energy sources to become readily available in your area.

For more information about go-green business solutions EVERY business can take advantage of, or to learn more about how you can be leading the green initiative with energy business opportunities, contact us today!