Green energy franchises are a relatively recent phenomenon since, well, green energy is a relatively recent phenomenon. That said, most people already have a pretty good working idea of what green energy means and where it comes from.

Is green energy going to be in demand for tomorrow’s consumers?

Completely renewable, naturally replenished, and much friendlier to the environment than other energy sources, green energy sources include things like solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

Part of the purpose of green energy is offering a viable alternative to fossil fuels, and one reason for its surging popularity is its greater energy efficiency for consumers.

The problem with fossil fuels like coal, natural gas, and oil is that they are finite resources that took millions of years to crystallize.

Governments are jockeying to embrace green energy as an alternative to fossil fuels because the former is often less labor intensive and results in fewer carbon emissions, an accelerant when it comes to global warming.

Green energy actually puts more power into the hands of consumers, since it provides solar panels and other forms of renewable energy to rural customers who would otherwise have to rely on a coal-powered electrical plant.

green energy franchises

What kinds of products do green energy franchises actually sell?

Green energy franchises sell to both residential and commercial customers. Popular options for residential customers include energy-efficient Indow window inserts and more intelligent insulation solutions to help customers save, no matter what their current source of energy.

The end goal behind selling to both groups is to provide more eco-friendly, energy-efficiency options that can allow businesses to grow further and allow homeowners to remain environmentally conscious while saving on their utility bills.

To these ends, green energy franchises provide a number of ways for homeowners and business owners alike to go green and save green at the same time. LED lighting that goes far beyond the energy efficiency of incandescent bulbs is a very popular choice for both residential and commercial customers.

Water filtration systems and air purification systems are two additional ways that franchise owners help local customers lead more healthy, environmentally conscious lives.

What’s the overarching green energy market like these days?

It’s looking pretty promising for green energy franchises for a number of reasons. The last full year for which global investment numbers for green energy are available (2015) shows that green energy is still setting records.

Last year, wind and solar both increased their generating capacity to 118GW collectively, or by more than 24GW since 2014. Hydro-electric projects worldwide also soared above an astounding quarter-trillion dollars during 2015; this surge was accomplished even with America shoring up its natural gas resources and artificially low oil prices globally.

In other words, the market is very promising, and public investment has followed suit. Public market investment in green energies globally was more than $12 billion. Governments in general and the U.S. Department of Energy in particular are spending more on green energy business subsidies and residential green energy tax credits.

Do you need previous experience in the industry to open a green energy franchise?

SuperGreen Solutions is a green energy franchise that doesn’t require previous experience in the exciting, nascent field of green energy production.

As a turnkey franchise opportunity, SuperGreen Solutions is designed to provide investors with all of the training, support, and financial resources that they need to open their first SuperGreen Solutions.

SuperGreen Solutions is working within a booming industry responsible for a growing share of our energy and electrical needs. One question remains: Are you going green?