When you invest in a SuperGreen franchise, you’ll be opening the door to professional freedom. Our franchisees come from many backgrounds, but they’ve often spent years working in a corporate setting. These jobs provide undeniable stability, but they can also be stifling. Employees need to work through human resources departments to take sick days, schedule vacations, even work out school drop-off schedules. If you’re becoming tired of the inflexibility of the daily grind, SuperGreen Solutions can help you build a career that better meets your needs.

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the best parts of investing in a SuperGreen franchise is you’ll be able to set a schedule that best suits you. A key responsibility of our franchisees is to meet with clients at their businesses, and you’re free to set those meetings at times most convenient for you. When you meet with clients, you’ll spend some time gathering the information you’ll need to conduct an energy usage audit.  

You’ll then proceed to work within our streamlined systems right from your tablet or computer to identify the technologies that would work best for them. We make it simple to create proposals, place orders, and connect clients with contractors. Franchisees are also free to complete this part of the job at their convenience.  

To clarify – your ability to meet with clients, create proposals, and connect with contractors is key to your success. You’ll need to dedicate time to tasks like these to meet your growth goals. What’s also important to know, though, is you’ll have plenty of flexibility to get the job done while still managing your obligations outside of work.  

Investing in a SuperGreen Franchise is Investing in Yourself

Another reason that many SuperGreen franchisees eventually tired of their corporate careers is their former salary – or lack thereof! While corporate jobs can offer security, the pay isn’t always commensurate with the value you bring to the company. As it happens, no matter how much money you help them save or bring in, you’ll see only modest scheduled raises.

Investing in a franchise has the potential to help you earn more. When your franchise begins to thrive, you’ll be the one enjoying the majority of the profits.  Getting your business to that point depends a lot on your hard work and dedication, but our team has developed time-tested systems that help franchisees see timely maximum return on their investments. And with initial investments starting at just $39,500, getting into the green is easier than ever.

Best of all, there’s plenty of potential for growth within our model. Franchisees investing in two or more SuperGreen Solutions franchises enjoy exclusive discounts and can serve a  broader range of customers.   Along these lines, ask us about co-branding opportunities with other UFG brands.

Contact us today to learn more about how investing in a SuperGreen franchise could help you realize the career freedom you’ve always wanted.