In a business sense, there couldn’t have been a better match for 35-year-old environmental engineer Daniel Hancock when he opened the doors to his new SuperGreen Solutions, a franchised retail chain that has become recognized as the “one-stop, energy-efficient solution shop,” leading the market as the premier advisor, supplier and installer of energy-efficient solutions for both residential and commercial customers.

“I have always wanted to own my own business and was constantly looking for the right opportunity,” Hancock said. “I chose a career as an environmental engineer because it’s what I am passionate about. SuperGreen Solutions allows me to own my own business that helps people and businesses be more environmentally responsible by providing energy-efficient solutions. It was a perfect fit for me.”

Hancock’s passion rings strong through his background and words. A Clemson graduate, Hancock also earned a master’s degree in Biosystems engineering from the school in 2006. Working as an environmental consultant, Hancock gained wide-ranging experience, mainly in support of the oil and gas industry. But his work included such things as cleanup of pipeline spills and unexploded ordinances from an abandoned landfill in the backwoods of an Oklahoma army base as well as working on chemical spills and residential inspections following Superstorm Sandy.

Engineer fighting climatic change

“My main reason for becoming an environmental engineer was that I did not want to sit in an office all the time and I wanted to make the word a better place,” Hancock said. “Now my wife and I have two beautiful daughters who are four and five years old. We love to go fishing together and enjoy the outdoors. My main concern is having a stable world for them to grow up in. Thankfully, I think we are starting to see major public and political shifts toward renewable energy and sustainability. I just want to do all I can to help.”

SuperGreen Solutions located in Charleston is unlike big-box home improvement stores that offer a limited selection of green energy products to consumers, SuperGreen gives consumers a single destination from which to shop green products for all aspects of residential or commercial use, as well as in-home consultations to help inform their purchases.

The company offers a comprehensive approach, which includes rebate advice, tax credit guidance, sales, installation and after-sales service. Products range from LED lighting and solar power solutions to ventilation and insulation products for homes and businesses. Additionally, the company focuses on the booming industry surrounding energy management, energy storage and electric vehicle charge stations.

“I am a licensed environmental engineer,” said Hancock, who estimates he invested about $75,000 in launching his business. “I’m not just in this to make a quick buck. I really care. I’m more interested in helping people make the right decisions than I am in closing the sale. There is an incredible amount of information out there and my technical background gives me a huge advantage in helping consumers and commercial customers make the decisions that best fit their particular needs.”

SuperGreen Solutions customers include home and business owners looking to lower their energy and maintenance costs through the use of a single product or by completely greening their home from floor to ceiling with multiple solutions. Commercial clients typically include auto dealerships, hair salons, gas stations, restaurants and bars, grocery stores, office buildings and more, as well as builders and contractors.