If you’re coming from a sales background, you’ve got the skills that could help you to build a strong LED lighting franchise with SuperGreen Solutions! One misconception about our business is that our franchisees need to be experts in renewable energy technology. The truth is, our training and support program can help get our franchisees up to speed on the specifics of the products we sell. But sales experience is harder to teach, and if you’re coming from a sales background, you already have some of the tools you’ll need to get your LED lighting franchise up and running.

Helping Businesses Find Solutions

At SuperGreen solutions, we don’t offer a single product or brand. Rather, we work with our clients to build custom renewable energy solutions that will help their entire organization to function more efficiently. Your sales background will help you in this respect as you learn about your clients’ needs, and match them with the products and services that would benefit their organizations. You will also be able to explain how, in some cases, investments in technology can lead to long-term cost savings and benefits. Your knowledge of our products combined with your ability to identify customer needs will be a great asset to you as you grow your LED lighting franchise.

LED lighting franchise SuperGreen Solutions

Great Customer Service

Any salesman worth his salt knows that great customer service is crucial to any business. By providing great service, you’ll build lasting relationships with your clients, ensuring that they turn to you for their future needs. This is an important part of our business at SuperGreen Solutions, and your background in sales will be a great help to you when it comes to forming relationships with customers.

A Motivation to Earn

In many sales jobs, commissions incentive salespeople to work their hardest to sell. As a franchisee, you won’t be earning a commission. Rather,  your business’ profits will depend entirely on the sales you’ve made. If you’re a highly motivated salesperson, this attitude will be extremely beneficial to you as a franchisee. Instead of earning only a small share of the profits as a commission, you have the potential to earn a much greater share as a franchise owner. Take control of your sales by franchising with SuperGreen Solutions

As you can see, franchisees with a sales background are a great fit for our business. To learn more about the products and services we work with in our LED lighting franchises, reach out to us today!