The future is now, and nowhere is that more true than within the energy sphere. With daily booms in renewable and efficient energy research and development, there’s no time like the present to enter the exciting world of energy efficiency.

Managing an energy-efficient business can provide a mentally and monetarily rewarding career. Enhance the power of this viable franchise opportunity with SuperGreen.

Unlike some businesses, SuperGreen encompasses a variety of verticals within the energy efficiency industry, from solar panels to wind power to water filtration and more.

energy efficiency

Let the Sun Shine

Did you know there are 173,000 terawatts striking the earth continuously? For hundreds of years, people have sought to harness the power of the sun.

From ancient Mayan solar ovens to Einstein’s theories of electrons and light, we’re just on the brink of discovering pollution-free ways to power our lives. Today’s solar energy systems convert sunlight into energy to be used in your home or business.

Solar-powered energy is growing in leaps and bounds. Like the invaluable photovoltaic cells that drive this niche, the infrastructure used to house solar panel systems is also rapidly progressing.

SuperGreen Solutions is home to clean solar power products and full systems for both homes and businesses. Free, clean, perpetual energy. Costs and installation are especially competitive for consumers when you consider potential tax incentives and government rebates.

The Colors of the Wind

It’s rustling through the leaves, blowing across mountaintops and churning up waves. It can be a gentle breeze or a powerful gale. Either way it can be harnessed to provide clean, renewable energy to homes and businesses.

Wind turbines small and large capture air flow to mechanically power generators. With increases in technology, wind energy has increased more than 30 percent in the last 10 years. Continuing this trend will save the U.S. substantial carbon emissions and water consumption in future years.

Homes and businesses can take advantage of these off-the-grid systems as well. Potential savings of small residential wind systems can add up to more than 50 percent off household utility bills. SuperGreen’s wind units make it easy for residences, businesses, even large-scale government operations, to take advantage of renewable wind energy.

Water World

Water is a finite resource, but the benefits of a water filtration system are endless. Consider the chemicals used to treat water at your local plant, such as chlorine.

While these chemicals help to remove bacteria and harmful waste from our waters, they also contain potential carcinogens. A water filtration system can help deliver the sparkling clean water both residences and businesses deserve.

In addition to providing purer water, water filtration systems save hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles from landfills each day. In addition to their physical waste, plastic water bottles exude small amounts of carbon dioxide that contribute to the greenhouse effect. The takeaway? Think outside the bottle.

One-Stop Shop

The great thing about SuperGreen Solutions? It’s a one-stop shop for cutting-edge green products. When considering opening your own franchise branch, your first priority is to find a viable product.

Current trends indicate the increasingly growing popularity of energy-efficient products. Consumers report a preference for buying and using energy-efficient products.

Not only do such products make them feel responsible, they also save money. In other words, you can save green by going green.

Whether customers are looking for renewable energy options, water filtration systems or more, SuperGreen Solutions offers it all. To find out how you can get in on this growing industry by opening a SuperGreen Solutions franchise, contact us today!