With so many new trends in technology, it can be hard to tell which of them actually provide benefits to their users. You may have heard that switching to solar panels can save businesses and homeowners money on their utility bills in addition to helping the environment. If you’re skeptical about this claim, check out some of these statistics that demonstrate how solar energy can save businesses money!

Savings Will Vary by Area

You’ll need to do a little bit of research to determine exactly how much businesses and homeowners in your area stand to save. By determining how much electricity is used and what the cost of electricity is in your area, you can calculate how much money can be saved. The Energy Sage has helped us out by developing handy tables that demonstrate how much homeowners stand to save in each state, as well as how much they can reduce their carbon emissions! As you can see, regardless of which state you’re located in, there’s great potential for savings.

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The Cost of Installing and Purchasing Solar Panels has Dropped

Where costly panels prohibited interested clients from switching to solar in the past, the lowering cost of solar panels has made solar energy a competitive choice. Quartz concluded that as of 2016, solar panels finally became cheaper to utilize than fossil fuels. With the potential to save money coupled with the lowering cost of solar equipment, now is a great time to break into the solar industry to help consumers access this groundbreaking technology.

Consumers are Excited to Save

The solar industry is growing, with solar panels becoming more and more popular as the prices to purchase install them have dropped. Businesses and homeowners alike have taken note of the energy savings they can enjoy when they switch to solar panels, making solar an increasingly popular energy option. You can position yourself to take advantage of this surge in popularity by starting your own solar franchise with SuperGreen Solutions. Working together, we can help to make the latest and greatest in solar technology available to the businesses in your area who are looking for ways to save.

These sources demonstrate that solar energy is becoming a more viable option for businesses that are looking to lower their monthly utility payments. Businesses love finding ways to save money, and as a SuperGreen Solutions franchise owner, you can help them to do just that by offering an array of solar, LED, and wind power technologies. Reach out to us today to get started!