How Good Energy Saving Habits Can Help Your Business

Many businesses are becoming more environmentally conscious these days, which is why so many of them are investing in various energy efficient features and improvements. This has led to a burgeoning industry that you may want to consider getting into by investing in our SuperGreen Solutions franchise. To give you an idea of how quickly […]

Top 6 Things to Consider When Opening a Franchise

If you’re seriously thinking about opening a franchise, then you should consider a number of things before you make the decision to invest. The following are six things that you should be sure to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a franchise, such as a SuperGreen Solutions solar business franchise. 1. Consider Your Knowledge […]

Four Frequently Asked Questions about Opening a Green Energy Franchise

Green energy franchises are a relatively recent phenomenon since, well, green energy is a relatively recent phenomenon. That said, most people already have a pretty good working idea of what green energy means and where it comes from. Is green energy going to be in demand for tomorrow’s consumers? Completely renewable, naturally replenished, and much friendlier […]

Get Some Green by Going Green: 4 Ways a Renewable Energy Franchise Works for You

Right now, world leaders and energy experts are scrambling for alternative energy solutions to power our economy, homes and lives more efficiently. The hunt’s going well, since you can find energy-efficient LED lightbulbs in most department stores and more Americans are taking to solar and wind power to manage the cost of their utility expenses. Energy-efficient home thermostats and […]

Smart Tips to Go Green

Going green has become more and more of a trend as people realize how smart it is to save energy.

Five Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

Energy costs continue to rise and both homeowners and business owners are feeling the pinch, especially if they have a tight budget.