The development of a smart grid that can connect, toggle among various alternative energy sources, and ultimately meet the energy needs of the global community is one of the things that makes an energy-saving franchise really attractive to potential investors.

The future is green. Coal, gas, and oil are finite energy sources that have done the arduous legwork of bringing humanity through the Industrial Revolution and providing the energy required to fuel our economy, transportation, and daily lives. However, because these energy sources are finite, we need to find alternatives.

And quickly! Traditional energy sources won’t last forever, and their carbon emissions are contributing to climate change. Yikes! An ideal energy source would be abundant enough to last far into the future, affordable enough for homeowners and small businesses to adopt, readily available, and uploadable to a smart grid.

energy-saving franchise

Green Solutions Fit the Bill and Then Some

Alternative energy solutions fit the bill and fulfill all of the requirements listed above. Residential and commercial LED lighting, for instance, lasts much longer and is much more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, which burn out and need to be replaced frequently.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that LED lighting is unparalleled in its ability to save energy and improve the quality of commercial buildings. Now that’s a quick fix that people are willing to pay for! This begs the questions: Are all alternative energy sources affordable?

The International Renewable Energy Agency found that the cost for renewable energy sources like solar and wind are down around the globe and are the lowest-cost option in many developed nations. In other words, compared to fossil fuel energy sources, renewable energy sources like solar and wind provide cheaper and more sustainable energy options for today and tomorrow.

Feeling Good about the Transition

These facts hint at greater trends and spotlight guideposts toward where businesses, homeowners, and everyday consumers and headed when it comes to transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The world is getting bigger and more complicated yet increasingly interconnected and globalized. People are looking for alternative energy sources that can keep up.

Over the next two generations, energy experts tell us that renewable energy sources must meet all of our energy needs or we won’t be able to fuel tomorrow’s innovation and growing energy demands. With smart grids in place and increasingly affordable renewables down the pike, the excitement from investors wanting to get in on the ground floor of an indispensable industry is matched only by the necessity of making smarter energy decisions in the future.

Get in on the Already Thriving Renewable Energy Industry

Simply put, getting more involved in the already thriving renewable energy industry is a great decision that aligns your entrepreneurial vision with your values. That’s a powerful thing. Normally, we think that we have to choose one or the other—the head or the heart—but the renewable energy sector already has tailwind behind it, and getting involved makes the planet a rosier, more hospitable place for future generations.

Reports coming out of China indicating that wind power has experienced more growth than coal perhaps tell you all that you need to know: the world is ready to embrace renewable energy, and doing so isn’t likely to slow down growth or innovation. Clean wind and solar that can be uploaded to a smart grid is the future. Will you be in on it?

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