One of the reasons SuperGreen Solutions has thrived over the years is our B2B (business to business) renewable energy business model. Rather than offering products and services to consumers, we work exclusively with businesses that benefit from our services to help them lower their energy bills and capture exclusive tax breaks. Learn more about the advantages of operating within our B2B system. 

The Advantage of Choosing a B2B Renewable Energy Business Model

One of the best reasons to choose a B2B business like SuperGreen Solutions is that we’re less likely to crumble during a recession. Unlike businesses that cater to consumers and shifting trends, we operate in a space that’s vital to the success of businesses. They need to keep their overhead costs down, and integrating green technology into their systems is a prudent way to do that. 

Understandably, it’s essential to keep up with changing trends in the renewable energy space. However, our franchisees don’t need to worry about staying ahead – they have our team of experts to support them! SuperGreen Solutions invests our time and resources into research and development so franchisees can be sure they’re offering the best in-demand renewable energy technology to their clients. 

The Reasons Clients Choose SuperGreen Solutions

When you partner with us, we’ll work with you to market your business so the clients in your area can learn who you are and what you have to offer. Clients come to SuperGreen Solutions for a variety of reasons. A few of them include:

  • Saving money on overhead costs by reducing energy expenses
  • Drawing in new business with features like electric vehicle charging stations
  • Eligibility for tax credits that could save them large amounts of capital
  • Helping the environment by reducing their carbon footprint

Because businesses need services like these, we’ve experienced rapid worldwide growth since we got started in 2010.

Keeping Initial Investment Costs Low

A great benefit of our renewable energy business model is that it doesn’t require a massive up-front investment. The cost to open a new SuperGreen Solutions franchise starts at around $39,500! We’re able to keep our costs lean because franchisees are not required to invest in a commercial storefront. Instead, they start their businesses armed with the knowledge they glean during their training, software systems that can help them run their business on-the-go from a tablet, and access to a wide range of vendors and technologies.

You’ll work with clients directly at their locations to provide audits and help them choose the right technologies for their needs. This streamlined system allows the maximum potential for franchisees to grow their businesses quickly. 

As you can see, there are many advantages to SuperGreen’s B2B renewable energy business model. Contact us today to learn more about how our franchises operate.