SuperGreen Solutions franchises provide unique and valuable services. Not only do we offer green technology that can help businesses save money while reducing their carbon footprint, but we also provide start-to-finish consulting, helping them choose the systems that are just right for their needs. Our franchisees are experts in going green and support their clients in many ways. Learn about a few of them below.  

1. Integrating Solar Power

One of the most popular services SuperGreen Solutions franchises have to offer is solar power. It’s easy to see why it’s so appealing to businesses – they’re able to harness the free and renewable power of the sun, and solar panels are becoming more affordable every year. It’s a fact, the cost to produce one megawatt of solar power fell 86% between 2009-2017. That means that our clients can start saving money on their electricity bills for a lower up-front investment. No wonder SuperGreen Solutions franchises are in such high demand!

2. Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Another trend that’s booming in the renewable energy space is the preference for electric vehicles. Like solar panels, this technology is rapidly evolving, and electric cars are becoming more affordable and functional. Businesses of every sort have a lot to gain by installing charging stations, the most clear-cut advantage being that they’re a major attraction to the growing number of electric car owners in their area. SuperGreen Solutions franchisees work with them to select the right technology and then connect them with contractors to facilitate the buildout. 

3. Sustainability and Facility Audits

Before and after businesses invest in green technology, they’ll want to get a clear picture of how much energy they’re expending and how they can improve their energy efficiency. Our franchisees conduct comprehensive audits to provide their clients with a summary of their actual energy use. Not only is this a significantly useful tool for business owners, but it also helps drive recurring revenue for our franchisees. 

4. Planning for Upgrades Now and in the Future

As noted above, SuperGreen Solutions franchisees act as advisors. They establish long-term relationships with their clients because they don’t merely provide one-off services. They help business owners see the big picture of how green technology can help them save money over time. Businesses that contact our advisors because they’re interested in solar will learn how integrating other systems, like LED lighting, can further drive down their costs. 

Franchisees help create custom plans for each client, paving the way for them to “go green” over time to fit their budget. As a result, our clients enjoy measurable results, and our franchisees develop lasting partnerships. 

These are just a few of the many ways SuperGreen Solutions franchises help the businesses in their territories. Contact us to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities of our franchisees!