Do Solar Panels Actually Save Money? Check Out These Statistics

With so many new trends in technology, it can be hard to tell which of them actually provide benefits to their users. You may have heard that switching to solar panels can save businesses and homeowners money on their utility bills in addition to helping the environment. If you’re skeptical about this claim, check out […]

Enjoy Sales But Want a Shift in Careers? Why SuperGreen Is the Perfect Option

If you’re coming from a sales background, you’ve got the skills that could help you to build a strong LED lighting franchise with SuperGreen Solutions! One misconception about our business is that our franchisees need to be experts in renewable energy technology. The truth is, our training and support program can help get our franchisees […]

Green Energy Is the Next Big Thing, and We Have a Franchise Opportunity for You

Have you been considering opening a solar panel franchise in order to get involved in the green energy industry? Now is a better time than ever to take advantage of this booming market. Green energy is the next big thing when it comes to power. Here are a few reasons why now is a great […]