Four Go-Green Solutions That Every Business Can Take Part In

It’s easy for just about anyone to be overwhelmed with the influx of “go green” messages—but that’s doubly true for business owners. Implementing and integrating green energy business opportunities is rarely a quick and easy fix, particularly for those companies with multiple locations overseeing dozens, if not hundreds, of employees. But in today’s landscape, going […]

Four Frequently Asked Questions about Opening a Green Energy Franchise

Green energy franchises are a relatively recent phenomenon since, well, green energy is a relatively recent phenomenon. That said, most people already have a pretty good working idea of what green energy means and where it comes from. Is green energy going to be in demand for tomorrow’s consumers? Completely renewable, naturally replenished, and much friendlier […]

Passionate About Our Planet but Have a Mind for Business? Consider an Eco-Friendly Franchise

In 2016, the “green wave” that has been rolling through the US economy has only picked up momentum and is affecting nearly every industry in noticeable ways. Those with a genuine concern for the environment who wish to be involved in sustainability efforts no longer need to choose between “saving the planet” and starting a […]

Environmental Engineer Walks the Talk as First-Time Small-Business Owner Pursuing His Passion

In a business sense, there couldn’t have been a better match for 35-year-old environmental engineer Daniel Hancock when he opened the doors to his new SuperGreen Solutions, a franchised retail chain that has become recognized as the “one-stop, energy-efficient solution shop,” leading the market as the premier advisor, supplier and installer of energy-efficient solutions for […]

Invest in Making the World a Better Place with an Energy-Efficiency Franchise

Remember when you were young and you heard about ways that you could positively impact the planet simply by taking a few energy-conservation steps every day? No matter what age you were when you heard these messages, there’s a good chance that you were advised to turn off the lights when you left the room, […]