Healing the World One Step at a Time: Consider a SuperGreen Franchise Investment

A number of factors should be considered when researching a franchise investment. Not only do you want to invest in a franchise that has a good reputation and a proven business model with demonstrated growth, but you’ll want to invest in a franchise that you can connect with on a personal level. The more you […]

Two Ways to Get into the Green Energy Business

In 2016, we are living in the age of environmental awareness—and not just for a select few, but for everybody. Going green isn’t just a slogan anymore, it’s a reality that the entire world is embracing, and for good reason. Sustainability and being eco-friendly help the greater good, while keeping our world clean and habitable. […]

Former Navy Helo Pilot Celebrates Veterans Day With New SuperGreen Solutions Business

Almost everyone performs a mental checklist when considering the fit of a new business opportunity. In the case of Karl Darden, he was able to check off several important boxes before making the decision to become a franchisee of SuperGreen Solutions. The 54-year-old Darden, an Avondale resident, spent almost 20 years in sales, sales training […]

How the Renewable Energy Industry Has Evolved in the Last Decade

Renewable energy from wind, solar, hydropower, and biomass sources has dramatically improved over the last decade. These renewable energy sources are spreading to more countries and constituting a larger proportion of those countries’ energy profiles. On a practical level, consumers and businesses alike are increasingly using things like LED lighting in lieu of less-efficient incandescent bulbs. […]