Business Briefcase – September 2016

Welcome to another edition of the Business Briefcase, readers! There’s a small chance you had to discard some plastic wrapping to get to this week’s edition of the paper. That’s right, folks, that means rain! Unfortunately, I’m having to make these predictions a few days in advance, so there very well could have been no […]

A Green Energy Franchise: Yes, It’s a Real Thing!

There are many reasons why the United Franchise Group is getting behind green solutions. There’s a big market right now for commercial and residential green solutions that help businesses and homeowners find the ideal balance of affordability, practicality, and sustainability. Green Power Solutions backs SuperGreen Solutions in the U.S. market, and that kind of support […]

What’s the Difference between a Solar Franchise and an Energy Solutions Franchise?

To say that solar energy is renewable means that, like wind power, we’ll never run out of it. This also implies that solar energy is sustainable and harnessable by homeowners taking a closer look at solar energy systems and businesses looking to power their innovation. Tax subsidies and homeowners’ ability to store up their energy and sell […]